Making All Things Good!



Hello peeps, It has been 22 days to be exact since I’ve blogged to you. My website sent me a reminder of this 22 days of silence. So nice of my website to be so efficient and encourage me to write – write- write. For it is what I love, and what I love is to share the thoughts- desires, lessons, dreams, goals and words of whatever it is God places upon my heart.

Okay- with all that said – our vaca was OK.. let’s just say it was definitely an adventure in the wild-er -ness! 19 of us were all shacked up in our sweet little cabin- and if I could have spent some time all alone to my writing I may have accomplished something; however all I accomplished was an anxiety attack and EMF sensitivity pain! My body knew that they must have had a smart meter on the premises-(research the subject if you feel led)- onward with my words of this blog.. 😉

It became painfully apparent to me that I was not going to get my first draft of my book accomplished by the deadline of Feb 1st. After OUR vacation I promised myself that I would dedicate at least 3- 4 hour days to such the task.. I had editors.. and most things in place, but as my husband seems to enjoy his winters unemployed or on a sporadic work schedule.. I realize that there was going to be absolutely NO co-operation or reciprocation with my request for some quiet alone writing time. This has always been a struggle in our marriage. For some unbeknown reason- extroverts and introverts cannot come to a happy medium.. not in our case anyway.. the STRUGGLE IS REAL! There was also an issue with this upcoming book being a memoir (meaning my memories of events). It came to my realization that since others are involved in my story telling, and life adventures that perception may vary; however God has a plan with this memoir and it needs to be honest, raw and transparent for it to be what it needs to be for others – and those others are unknown – but are the reason I have stayed obedient to open myself up and write this story.  I can’t keep mutilating it, dumbing it down, nor sugar coating any of it…

There are moments of arrogance, intimidation, abuse, pain and suffering.. and all in all I can see God use every moment to build me up into who I am today; if growth is stunted somewhere than God is not being heard. There are lessons to be learned, pain to be felt, misery to be obvious, and yet victory is its end! YES and AMEN!

And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.- Rom 8:28

Although the jist of this book was finished in May of 2011 – I realize that we do not get a ‘do-over’; therefore, I need to take my precious time with this one- and through God it will get done in perfect timing. When all involved are ready (matured and ready for Godly correction and growth)-and my time and space is available to better focus on it. 🙂

So what next? Well I put ‘this’ book launch on hold- till I feel completely satisfied with the structure of this book. I will know when God is happy with all the contents and words for He is my true editor and publisher because He is the author and finisher of my faith- and until then I will keep tweaking it!

However, I have not quit- I still have a great editing and publishing team (just as soon as I set up my complete CreateSpace account – It will be more intimate.) I do intend to write other short but sweet books that aim at Holistic health and lifestyle changes to help build my Health Ministry.

Topics include: (per request and encouragement.)

~Becoming Vegan (An enlightenment of why I became vegan?)
~Organic Baby (why we aim for organic and holistic medicine for our children now.)
~Healing the More Excellent Way- (My holy mountian vision to healing through no harm.) ~Daniel Fast: our call into the plant based lifestyle in honor of my Step Father, Daniel.

~and so much more. 🙂

Remember peeps, in life sometimes we simply do NOT get a ‘do-over’ so get it right the first time, through patience and long-suffering Gods will be done!


All My moving foward LOVE, Diana ❤ xo

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