Buy Me The SunShine!

Belize Was GREAT! However after Three days home the pain has kicked in..Time for me to buy the sunshine!


A bit of education for ya:

Vitamin D does not and never will come from a pill, not even D3- nor liquid form. Since I have a pituitary tumor, my body does not absorb pills very well. I NEED the actual sunlight as we all truly do! Vitamin D is not actually a vitamin but a hormone. It is actually hormone D, which comes from natural sunlight/rays (or light rays from tanning beds or tanning bulbs) that penetrate the skin using our bodies very own good cholesterol that converts it into hormone D,this means that when we get sunlight/sunrays without hinderance such as sunblock < <<< (A HUGE NO-NO) your body turns your very own bodies good cholesterol and this makes hormone D.. a very, very, very important hormone.


Many diseases and disorders stem from lack of hormone D. Why?  Because so many avoid the sunlight, use sunblock or simply take ‘syntethic’ vitamin D which acutally uses the bodies very own Bad Choleserol to convert it into hormone D making it acutally bad for our bodies. I think the whole key here is ‘synthetic’ anything is just that- it is a conterfiet.. And REAL is always BEST!!


Also high doeses of synthetic Vitamin D is very bad for the kidneys but after realizing that synthetic uses up the bodies bad cholesterol to make this hormone would make it obvious that it would be bad for the bodies organs, and that the SKIN is our bodies biggest organ. Our body needs the sunlight, no if’s and’s or butts about it, so get your butt out into the sun, it’s so good for you! Now don’t go becoming a sungod or goddess- don’t scorch in the sun, but do pay tribute to the warm sunlight that God provided us by spending atleast 20 mins a day in it WITHOUT SUNBLOCK, (that stuff is toxic poison) not to mention again that our skin is our biggest organ so let’s stop loading products on it that harm it more than help it, because we need to recognize that our skin absorbs everything we put on it quickly and that can be crucial to our health. LOVE your Skin it’s your only covering! LOVE your skin, love yourself. All people need the sun, so this myth that darker people don’t need to tan is simply wrong. Get in the sunlight- it’s a health source if we have a well balanced diet we should not burn like toast. 😉


I wish to point out that a body that is acidic will burn, a body that is alkaline will tan, and a slight redness is good and should turn to tan if the bodies pH is in balance. All things in balance produces a balanced body, balanced health and a balanced life. Eat along the lines of 80/20 .. 80% alkaline foods, & 20% acidic..
Alkaline foods are mostly plant based, and acidic foods are animal based.. alcohol is acidic, so are all medications.. This is all some simple guidelines to understand why our bodies might burn more than others. Burning is known by peeling, we are not meant to peel like a banana.. 😉 so remember reddness should turn to tan when the body is alkaline, and will produce you some natural Vitamin/ hormone D. Yes & AMEN!


Me be heading to my tanning salon for my does of hormone D. 😀

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