In a time like this we need a “voice of reason.”

buckle up Did ya ever think we’d be shutting down the world because of a cold virus.  Yes, a cold virus. I’m very aware that sickness is simply detox. Yes I’m aware people are getting sick (detoxing) everyday, as that will always be the case. People can, have do and will continue to get sick (detox)-as long as we are alive we can come across sickness- (detox as it is the bodies mechanism to keep clean itself up)- at any time or place. Unless we are already dead we take the chance of catching an illness -it’s actually part of living.

Our cures are not in quarantine and panic, but in real prevention, like doing healthy things, eating healthy foods, detoxing out the garbage. When we realize that sickness  is actually our bodies way of cleaning and purging out impurities and vamping up the immune system. Virus’s actually are dead proteins that need the perfect host.  That host being an individual. Health and sickness is actually a personal issue. Everyone’s inner terrain is the issue. We cannot kill a virus we can only detox it out.

Now don’t get me wrong, I have much compassion to all who have already had it, (which I’m pretty sure 90% of us have)- it is not something new, it’s just either finally being categorized and named, or that it’s being the spot light of mainstream media. With all the hype, panic and chaos, It’s in times like this that we need a voice of reason.

It’s not that I lack any compassion on this subject; however, my compassion is different than most. As a detox specialist and holistic health practitioner my compassion consist of health providing things like proper nutrients, detox and rest. Any sickness will make its rounds, that’s “SCIENCE” folks. Nature is the only science anyone should put an ounce of trust in. Science has always been “observation” and believe me observation has been the key to all my education.

All my compassion comes from years of research, realizing truths, removing crap foods out of the diet, crap thinking and crap ideals too. My compassion comes from knowing that all this madness over a virus is going to not only halt our lives, but poses the possibility to ruin lives.  I’m not being a negative nelly here; I’m  being full-heatedly compassionate. See there’s a difference between compassion and unwarranted worry.  Worry only creates more panic and panic only creates more chaos. We must pull ourselves together and stop operating out of panic. 😦

The outcome of all this panic and all these shutdowns is going to either wake us up or create more economic dependency on welfare and government. As a society we will all be worse off then we were before all these shutdowns.  My compassion comes in for all who don’t have savings and or a backup plan for survival. When all this is over will our lives be the same at all. For some this could be a needed wakeup call. I know I for one have a whole different outlook on life.

However,  If this is what we’re going to do every time a sickness arises, then we are going to be a done race. We will extinct ourselves. Forget the false hope of eradicating viruses. << the real culprit of this mess! Messing with nature WILL NEVER BE THE ANSWER &  I know many are begging and praying for a vaccine to fix this. That is the farthest from the solution we will ever be! But sadly it is one of the reasons for the mass hysteria. :/


I was put in Facebook jail yesterday until today because I posted something about Trump and Qanon – (if you haven’t heard of Q- don’t start now, you’re probably not ready for what’s about to happen) and it’s not this virus but it is about parasites’ infesting the world. Nasty, vile, evil perverted people hopefully about to be blown out of the water, ‘draining the swamp’ so to speak. *edit: Qanon is a psychological operation total bs. Trump did not drain the swamp He contaminated more so.

The truth is that so many of our false idols are about to pull an Epstein & be ‘suicided’ or ‘virused’. This virus has made it so that all these shutdowns can distract us (not protect us) from what is really going on. The very fact that we think shutting down life for a virus is a good thing shows how simple it is to control the masses with fear. I’m not minimizing how terrible and sad it is to those who get sick or die from it.  I have sympathy for any pain, sickness or dis-ease people may suffer, but thinking utter panic and pretty much martial law and curfews soon to be imposed is the answer, is extremely asinine and not very wise.  (I’m sure this meme had a bit to do with my jail time too). trojan horse

May we all keep this in a perspective. How many of us have probably already had this virus or a type there of it? I’m pretty sure my whole household had this virus ranging from last fall till now, and we’ve managed to bounce back with a more vibrant immune system now because that is how the immune system works, it’s a marvelous creation, the human body is a beautiful and amazing thing if we respect, love and nourish it. So as we all are pretty much ‘grounded’ we ought to make this a time of detox, detoxing our bodies and minds. May we not turn this into a chaotic time of worry, fear and more forced mandates.  As I’m sure this is a huge reason for this panic also. :/

To wrap this up, as a voice of reason, I want to ask my family, friends and foes to buckle up and stock up on herbs, essential oils and frozen fruits and veggies. 🙂 It’s in times like this you need to support your bodies immune system with life giving nutrients, not toxic foods and medicines. Be wise, be cautious, be compassionate, be healthy!!!  ❤

immune system“Dear friend, I pray that you may prosper in every way and be in good health physically just as you are spiritually.” – 3 John 1:2 

All my voice of reasoning love, Diana xo

*Update: 6/29/20 Justin Campbell 

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