To Write Takes Guts!


“We know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been calledaccording to his purpose.” – Rom 8:28

Okay, by sharing all my lives adventures I tend to put a lot of pressure on myself. I tend to share all my hopes, dreams, desires and adventures with the world don’t I? Or at least to my Facebook and health coaching clients.

I figure if I don’t put myself out there and speak out what it is I desire or shall I say , God places upon my heart, then I feel it probably won’t be accomplished.

I usually start with speaking it out, as this book I am working on ( actually have been working on for many years) deals with speaking out truths, standing on truths and overcoming obstacles, tragedies, trials and temptations. My main temptation is to quit! And let me tell you I quit on a daily basis, heck I quit on a moment to moment basis.. as a matter of fact I quit on myself and this book 16 times already today and it’s not even lunch time yet.

Another issue my book deals with is some of my main trials and tribulation.. Depression, Insecurity, and plain old complaining! And whelp, I seem to be right there many times a day.

I ponder if I should re-titile my book from “Bum to Done”… Bummer mood to I’m done mood to get er done mode. 😉


I am truly blessed with a great team that is helping me find my way, giving me perfect guidance through the book publishing process – I have a sweet accountability partner, (whom is writing a cook book as her Dream book in this launch).. I’m so proud of her. She – herself is also an IIN Alumni – so needless to say she is like a sister to me! 🙂

Now if I could  just simply stop fretting the simple stuff.. haha.. like the last module that spoke on how a memoir – self help book ought to take in account  the voice and mood of the book- AKA- (the therapy sounding messages- and the other people involved in the book).. this about deleted my whole book and means my book ( which was pretty much finished in 2011-12).. only needed tweaking- so I thought. 😦

It seems that I will practically need to rewrite the WHOLE darn book from scratch and with this it all seems to lose it meaning it had for me some years ago–re-reading it and tweaking it has only brought back my forced to close memories that this book healed me of.

Writing this book brought me through so much healing, growing and changing and simply made me who I am today; hence the title, “Becoming Me-While Losing You.” It was simply to be a book of my journey from loss to loss and through it all I was able to grow, over come and become the true me I was intended to be.. and let me just say, I’ve learned that this growing process is such a forever task.. Maturity is a beautiful thing!

So I guess I am  just simply going to let the turmoil within me settle down and realize that even if this book doesn’t get published once again- it’s only for His Glory that I even bother to share my testimonies with anyone! For He is Good and nothing else matters anyways!

I am going to chill in the moment and realize it takes guts to even write anyting down- so to that it will be what it will be! 🙂

I wish to sign off with a reminder of the season we are in.. A thankful season- I pray that even in times such as the times we are in at this very moment that everyone remember to be THANKFUL & GRACIOUS unto our neighbors, and yes even those we consider foreign to us.

Give thanks to the Lord!!

give thanks to the lord