When enough is enough

 “The mouth of the righteous is a fountain of life, but the mouth of the wicked conceals violence.  Hatred stirs up strife, but love covers all transgressions.”-Proverbs 10:11-12

Seeing what is happening in our world today is such a disgrace! I want to spread love and not focus on this mess and get my focus back on God!! But I have had enough of the drama filled, hate filled, totally off our rockers in general! So for me enough is enough.

When we stop allowing them to rape us- we might stop being raped! We are the fuel that keeps their monopoly going. We cannot choose to be a part of their great divide. The only thing promised is a great deception. Don’t fall for it, don’t be part of the division on every corner that they are creating. Don’t give them the energy they do not deserve.

I have so much to say but so little time, so I’m only going to say, as it is a SELECTION year, STOP THE TYRANNY! I am a non-voter so apparently my voice doesn’t count according to the voting mASSES! That is not me being rude name calling though cuz name calling seems to be the in thing anyways. I am just stating that when we play part in the great divide we actually are quite frankly being an ASS period! One thing I will always pride myself on is the fact that I will not be persuaded or manipulated by the majority. I never have and I never will. Seeing all the immaturity that goes with the voter-cult I did not watch the debate because I find debates the most worthless time horribly spent. I’d rather spend my time seeking God’s word and aligning what I see in the world with it; It’s my biblical chiropractor so to speak. Nothing feels better than a good alignment!

I really just want to share some info I believe is of great importance to what is going on right now around us. It is basically for the Trump and Q fans but also for all Christians to see what is going on before their very eyes. Many are supporting this blasphemy!  This is a false teaching/ Idol worship! New age religion! False prophet following to fool even the elect. Do Not fall for it! For false messiahs and false prophets will appear and perform great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect. _ Matt 24:24

I am never about changing minds or encouraging my point of view; I claim no ‘religion’ but Christ! I’ve also NEVER claimed a political party. My only goal, cause or calling is to preach Christ and His kingdom.. As best as I feel the HOLY SPIRIT reveal to me. I am human too, so I am not perfect, but I am perfectly imperfect yet, perfected IN CHRIST! Meaning I wish to only be led by Him and His unction and NEVER by a political persuasion or manipulating mantras.

With that I leave you off with this video, it is about an hour long, but covers a lot of topics. Please- please take the time to listen then allow the spirit to speak; https://www.instagram.com/p/CFmwYmngv32/?fbclid=IwAR0xkwv9m0vu1Ka3Epu7YxfryBpTBK9Z6bXjRoml6uUdIsLIJbHx9ODzq_w