Letting Scripture Interpret Scripture.

The prophecy came not by the will of man in the ancient times, but when holy men of God spoke, being compelled by the Holy Spirit.-1 Pet 1:21

Trigger warning ⚠️ .. we’ve taken scripture out of context for far to long creating diabolical, falling away fallacies!! I’ve had a download.. 🤯 removing many scales: God confirming my ministry to the prophecy of Scripture.. that is JESUS fulfilled it all! IT IS FINISHED! 💥 HE meant what He said & He said what He meant! “Truly I tell you, this generation will certainly not pass away until all these things take place.” – Mat 24:34

I establish my covenant with you: Never again will all life be cut off by the waters of a flood; never again will there be a flood to destroy the earth.” … So God said to Noah, “This is the sign of the covenant I have established between me and all life on the earth.”

Let’s maturely discuss the “Second Coming” or the “Return of Christ!?!..👇

We have this misconception that the Bible is all about us instead of focusing on who the Bible is truly about: JESUS THE MESSIAH!

We aren’t the central point of the bible, Jesus is. We aren’t the star of the show, Jesus is. It’s God’s redemption plan to bring glory to Himself, not for us to be the hero. We are ‘in the bible’ but often we think we’re David instead of the frightened weak wavering Israelites.

“Grace” was for the man of Israel being delivered from flesh-dependency. The man of Israel needed God’s sufficiency (Grace) to meet his insufficiency (flesh-dependency) in fulfilling the works of the Law of Moses. Once he realized his intrinsic union with God’s sufficiency through the Spirit, then he no longer needed “Grace”. That was his journey, not ours. We should learn from it.

Most of The BIBLE is about Ancient Israel.

It is about an ancient people (descendants of the race of Adam) and their land and a world within-a-world, a world created under direct covenant to God. Their status and positional standing before the God of Israel was framed up under sin and law and death inherited “in Adam”. They were “the dead”.

UNTIL that is, Jesus, their Messiah (Gk Christos) came and delivered his people (Israel) from their sins, making the law vanish, and an end of death . They were made dead (and buried) to their old covenant self “in Adam”, by the Cross of Christ, and they were made alive (and raised) to their new covenant self “in Christ”, by the Resurrection of Christ (Romans 6, Colossians 3), thereafter their status and positional standing before the God of Israel, was one of righteousness and grace and life inherited “in Christ”. God reconciled the people to himself, no longer holding their sins against them (2Cor 5, Rom 5). They were “the living”.

In AD 70 the old covenant world of Adam and all Israel (once all the Israel gentiles of the Dispersion had been “gathered in”) was judged. Then came the end. The old covenant status and positional standing before God were no more. Sin and law and death and the world of Adam was no more. It had been destroyed. Ancient Israel under direct covenant to God was no more.


We inherit the promises by faith in grace which grafted us into the NEW covenant! & we can learn important spiritual lessons from the stories within it.

However After AD 70, for lack of a better term: a pagan cult (& I hate that term) came along and had the gall to hijack the Hebrew and Jewish narrative, to reformulate it into a theological syncretic mess, which perpetuates sin and law and death indefinitely, thus denying and undermining the finished work of Jesus as Israel’s Messiah. Sadly This pagan cult calls itself “Christianity”. I’m sure I just triggered many this far- but please hear me out for there is more ..

70 AD was the end of the Old Covenant age of the law, we are now in the New Covenant age of grace, of which there is no end.

All of the scriptures referring to the “end of the world” “end-times” “the last days” “end of the age”, melting elements and the passing away of heaven and earth represent the passing away of Old Covenant Israel, the end of the age (the age of the law) the Old Covenant Age culminating in the dramatic events of AD 70.

The end of the age (the old covenant age) was connected to the destruction of the temple in Jerusalem and Jesus’ famous sermon known as the Olivet Discourse.

That was the Gospel of Jesus. When Jesus died and was resurrected, He defeated death. Death before that was waiting in “she’ol”, it is where souls awaited judgement. Since His resurrection, and victory over death, we are judged on our faith in Him and THERE IS NO WAITING FOR JUDGEMENT. People who die today either go to Hell or Heaven, depending on their faith in JESUS. This is why Revelation 6:9-11 says;

“And when he had opened the fifth seal, I saw under the altar the souls of them that were slain for the word of God, and for the testimony which they held: And they cried with a loud voice, saying, How long, O Lord, holy and true, dost thou not judge and avenge our blood on them that dwell on the earth? And white robes were given unto every one of them; and it was said unto them, that they should rest yet for a little season, until their fellow servants also and their brethren, that should be killed as they were, should be fulfilled.” This judgement was the destruction of Jerusalem in 70AD. These souls were freed to rule in Heaven with Jesus at that time. There is no future judgement for us; we’re already judged on our faith in Him, that’s why the Gospel is still relevant. You can’t have faith in Him without it.

This is a point Christianity needs to acknowledge. When folks experience death today and are resurrected they don’t speak of being asleep or in she’ol they are instantly judged because the resurrection has already taken place. Death was defeated when those first saints inherited the promise, they waited for all those centuries (144,000) biblical Israelites. When the corruptible put on incorruptible which happened in the first century.

And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come” -Matthew 24:14. From AD 58 onwards, Paul began to indicate in his epistles that the gospel had indeed been preached throughout the known world. 1 Tim. 3:16 “By common confession, great is the mystery of godliness: He who was revealed in the flesh, was vindicated in the Spirit, seen by angels, proclaimed among the nations [Gk. ekeruxthe en ethnesin], believed in the world [Gk. episteuthe en kosmo], taken up in glory.”

Romans 1:8 Paul states that news about the faith of the Roman Christians had spread throughout “the whole world” [Gk. holo to kosmo].

When we look at the usage of these two phrases (“the whole world” and “all the nations”) in the New Testament, we can easily see that they are not talking about every ethnic group in the whole world, but rather the Roman world and the Diaspora of the first century.

“The whole world” –– Lk. 2:1; Acts 11:28; 17:31; 19:27; 24:5; Rom. 10:18; and Rev.3:10. Josephus Antiq 15:387 (15.11.1) where he records the speech of Herod the Great who said, “the Romans…are the rulers of the whole world “all the nations” — Lk. 21:24; 24:47; Acts 2:5; 21:21; Rom. 1:5; 16:26; and 2 Tim.4:17.

Paul’s accusers (in Acts 24:5) claimed that he stirred up dissension among all Jews throughout the world, but we only know of his travels in Palestine, Turkey, Greece, and Italy (the Roman world or Diaspora).

Paul claims in Romans 10:18 that the gospel had already gone out to the ends of the world by that time (AD 58).

In the letter to the church at Philadelphia (Rev 3:10) Jesus reveals that he would keep them safe from the hour of testing (the Neronic persecution) which was about to come (Gk. mello) upon the whole world (in AD 64-65).

The whole world is referring only to those nations within the Roman sphere of influence. On the day of Pentecost (Acts 2:5) it says there were Jews residing in Jerusalem from “every nation under heaven.” Then it lists those regions (Acts 2:9-11) from which they originated: the Mideast (Persia) and all the nations on the Mediterranean Rim.

The two phrases (“the whole world” and “all the nations”) as used throughout the NT are clearly referring to the Roman world and the Diaspora of the first century. Therefore, despite the shallow objections of the futurists, it seems conclusive that Matthew 24:14 (and the Great Commission in Matt. 28:19) was already fulfilled by the time Paul wrote his prison epistles in AD 63.

Other versions of the Great Commission are found in Mark 16:14–18, Luke 24:44–49, Acts 1:4–8, and John 20:19 – 23.

All the NT writings were finished by the time Peter died in the Neronian persecution in 64. That was only about a year after Paul had written his last epistle to Timothy in 63.

Paul claims (Rom. 16:26) that the gospel “had been made known to all the nations” by the time he wrote Romans (AD 58). In his last epistle (2 Tim. 4:17) written just before he died in the Neronic persecution (AD 64-65), Paul stated that in his trial before the Roman court that “all the nations” had heard the gospel.

The fourth century church historian Eusebius also affirmed that the gospel spread throughout “the whole world” in the first century, [Euseb. Hist. Eccl. 2.3.1 and 3.8.11]

Josephus in his lamentation of the destruction of Jerusalem refers to the Diaspora where Israel had been scattered as being “all the habitable earth”.

*Coming in the clouds means judgement which happened in 70 ad

*1st coming, He was born. The 2nd coming was when He rose from the grave on the 3rd day. So who is coming 3rd. time? Do the math. (Answer btw: He gave us His helper, the Holy Spirit to rule and reign within us for Eternity!) Three is confirmation- He is who HE says He is!

Jesus left nothing undone. The new covenant (after the cross) is the new heaven & new earth.. He is the SPIRIT of prophecy! The Holy Spirit was the return of CHRIST! He left no jot undone! HE FULFILLED IT ALL !! IT TRULY IS FINISHED! IT IS FINISHED, IT IS FINISHED IT IS FINISHED!

HE said it, HE meant it! HE doesn’t lie!!!

The term “Second Coming” or “Second Advent” does not occur in the New Testament. The expression “Second Coming” seems to have originated with Justin Martyr in the 2nd century.

Yes! It has already happened!! But here’s the biggest problem. Everyone alive today has been taught a future interpretation and this has been etched on the mind of their souls! Written in their worship songs and theologies! It’s become so thick and deep within the whole wall of Christendom, people fear even speaking of it for fear of losing fellowship and or their lives! It’s built into people to defend their religious beliefs to the death, as it should be! So, unless God does something to cause you to lay down what you’ve been taught, and fight to know the truth. You’re already defeated! The funny thing is, you should know this is exactly how God does His business!!! And by you, I mean anyone listening, whom God has truly dealt with. So, if a lowly prophet of Christ Jesus is heard shouting from the watchtower: the enemy is in your camp; he’s not coming, he’s already there, kill him, offer him no quarter, or he will kill you in your sleep! Would you even hear him?? Paul said, Jesus was that new creation i.e. new heaven and Earth! The old heaven and Earth in Adam has passed away. Behold, all things have become new in Christ Jesus! 2 Corinthians 5 is a reference to the believer who has been placed in Christ. Christ has not literally returned to earth to set up His kingdom in Jerusalem and place the government upon His shoulders.

The “second coming” came and went, the great tribulation was the war on Jerusalem in 66-70 AD at the end of the age just as Jesus said it would. The futurist theologies have denied the time statements in many places in the New Testament. (Heb 10:37 For yet a little while, and He that shall come will come, and will not tarry.)

The futurist looking theologies have Jesus tarrying for nearly 2000 years.

Paul stated their deliverance was near and that the night was almost over, and the day was at hand when he wrote: And that, knowing the time, that now it is high time to awake out of sleep: for now, is our salvation nearer than when we believed. -Rom 13:11

The night is far spent; the day is at hand: let us therefore cast off the works of darkness and let us put on the armor of light. -Rom 13:12

That the days of the seals of John’s revelations were in the lifetime of those that heard Jesus speak is established by the “fall on us” used by Jesus when speaking to the weeping women and repeated by John.

Jesus tells the women that they would live to see the events John described.

But Jesus turning unto them said, Daughters of Jerusalem, weep not for me, but weep for yourselves, and for your children. -Luke 23:28…Then shall they begin to say to the mountains, fall on us; and to the hills, Cover us. -Luke 23:30

John repeats the this again here: And I beheld when he had opened the sixth seal, and, lo, there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became as blood. – Rev 6:12… And said to the mountains and rocks, fall on us, and hide us from the face of him that sitteth on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb -Rev 6:16

There are so many off the wall doctrines on this subject that You’d have to make up a million-page document to figure out all of man’s theologies. *(I’m Still researching this out).

*Isn’t this the sort of thing that Paul was warning the church in Thessaloniki about? At the beginning of 2 Thessalonians 2.

It seems as if these kinds of rumors were going around even in the lifetime of the apostles. I would also bear in mind how Jesus warned us of many false messiahs and false teachings.

He said the Gospel would be preached in all nations, before the end. They still had a long way to go in 70AD. He warned… Then if anyone says to you, ‘Look, here is Christ!’ or ‘There he is!’ do not believe it. For false Christ’s and false prophets will arise and perform great signs and wonders, so as to lead astray, if possible, even the elect. See, I have told you beforehand. So, if they say to you, ‘Look, he is in the wilderness,’ do not go out. If they say, ‘Look, he is in the inner rooms,’ do not believe it. For as the lightning comes from the east and shines as far as the west, so will be the coming of the Son of Man. -Matt 24:23-27

**Keep in mind Paul said this in the 50s ad; before 70ad! The whole world in Adam did witness it! It never had anything to do with the 21st century! More thoughts: The new heavens and earth were established when the old passed away. But what needs to be understood is what the heavens and earth were and are – they are not the physical creation of heaven and earth.

God established the Jewish “heavens” and “earth” when he gave the Law to Moses and the people of Israel:

And I have put my words in thy mouth, and I have covered thee in the shadow of mine hand, that I may plant the heavens, and lay the foundations of the earth, and say unto Zion, Thou art my people. -Isa 51:16

The above is not speaking of the Genesis event, yet we are told by Isaiah He created/planted the “heavens” and “earth” at the giving of his words/law.

Isaiah also tells us when the “new heavens” and “earth” were to be created – when he slew the apostate nation of Israel:

Therefore, will I number you to the sword, and ye shall all bow down to the slaughter: because when I called, ye did not answer; when I spoke, ye did not hear; but did evil before mine eyes and did choose that wherein I delighted not. -Isa 65:12

And ye shall leave your name for a curse unto my chosen: for the Lord GOD shall slay thee, and call his servants by another name -Isa 65:15

For, behold, I create new heavens and a new earth: and the former shall not be remembered, nor come into mind. -Isa 65:17

Apostate Israel was slain for killing the prophets in the war of 66-70AD just as Jesus said:

That upon you may come all the righteous blood shed upon the earth, from the blood of righteous Abel unto the blood of Zacharias son of Barachias, whom ye slew between the temple and the altar. -Mat 23:35

Verily I say unto you, all these things shall come upon this generation.

When they were slain in the 1st century AD the new “heavens” and “earth” with the Law of Christ were created, the Law of Moses and the old “heaven” and “earth” passed away. His servants have another name – Christian. * Christ believer!

What if what you believe about the Bible, Jesus Christ about & the end of times is not true at all. What if you have been brainwashed by theologies over the ages that brought an understanding that everything that will happen in future is geared at what some people call the rapture and other people call the second coming of Jesus Christ? What if there is a totally different scenario about the end times? What if people were so caught up in the theological minds about what will happen in future that in a sense, they are not prepared about what is God’s agenda now? I’ve got an understanding and a strange feeling that that is actually own words about what is about to happen.

Almost 95% of everything that’s available in bookshops is based on a certain understanding of what is about to happen in the end. Very few writers and Christian thinkers and pastors even prophets know the fact that the end of times is a phrase that is not about a specific time in the future, but it started almost 2,000 years ago when Jesus was resurrected from the dead- whatever has happened since then is of crucial importance- specifically in His own words about what is about to happen now. The rapture and what we call the myth of the rapture we only looked at Matthew 24 which some people say is more about the end times than about the rapture and we need to speak about 1 Thessalonians 4 verse 16 and 17 and we will do so but if that is the only evidence about the rapture or the second coming; words which as such do not even appear in the original Greek manuscript. It is a few logical concepts that people have used through the ages to describe something about to happen in a futuristic sense. Then we need to reconsider what the Bible really tells us, and it will be best to go to what Jesus said about His return to the earth. Now if you’ll read with me John 14 is a crucial passage and I’m going to read two verses; verse 28 and 29 where he is gathered with his disciples and then they speak about he’s going away and he’s coming back and then he says these profound words he says you heard that I said to you I go away and I will come to you if you loved me you would have rejoiced because I go to the Father for the father is greater than I and now I have told you before it comes to pass that when it comes to pass you may believe. Now this is a totally different scenario than what we currently believe Jesus said, “I’m telling you I’m going away- I’m telling you I’m returning” but to you witnesses who are here I’m telling you that when I come back you will know this because I have said it that you will Know. So, it’s very clear that the disciples of Jesus would see the return of Jesus. It’s very clear in their lifetime they would witness the second coming or what the Bible rather refers to as the Parousia; the coming of the Lord- the manifestation of the two chapters. Further in John 16 there are three verses which to my understanding will change your total perception and there’s a repetition not less than seven times within these three verses that Jesus makes a statement which we should be very clear on- He starts off by saying a little while and you will no longer behold me and a little while and you will see me and then some of his disciples therefore said to one another what is this thing that He is telling us a little while and you will not behold me and again a little while and you will see me because I go to the Father. This was the theme and so they were saying what is this that he says a little while we do not know what He is talking about. Jesus knew that they wished to question Him, and He said to them are you deliberating together about this that I said a little while and you not behold me and again a little while and you will see me. ” Now just think logically for a moment, in only three verses Jesus repeats this phrase seven times: (completion)–“Master how long would it take you to come back a little while how long will it be a little while how long will you be away”? I’m going to be away a little while -they don’t come back seven times- so when is he coming back? The scripture is very clear about when He came back, not in a physical form, but He came back as a spirit because the Lord God is a spirit. Jesus became human for thirty-three and a half years but then he became a living spirit. So how did Jesus come back? We can ponder on the day of Pentecost. A little while after he was resurrected from the dead so He rose from the dead and He became a spirit that’s why He moved with His spiritual body through windows through walls He could be at different places at different times. He could travel by the speed of light all these things are evidence that He’s a spirit now- the word tells us very clearly in 1 Corinthians 15 that the last Adam Jesus is a life-giving spirit but just read with me a last passage 2 Corinthians 3 verse 17 and 18 and here Paul makes this abundantly clear and he says now the you must be very clear about this the Lord Jesus is the spirit and where the Spirit of the Lord is there is Liberty but we always with unveiled face beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory just as from the Lord who is the spirit this changes the whole agenda of what we call the influence if Jesus is not physically coming back and we have to reinterpret the verses that from tradition we thought where the truth. Our minds will have to be renewed to understand that Jesus has come to the earth as a life-giving spirit changing the face of the earth and as we behold Him and as we are changed in our mindsets God will change the earth He is in the process of inhabiting the earth but first of all He needs to inhabit you- it is absolutely crucial that you and I come to a new understanding of what is God’s agenda for the earth because we need to inherit- the word says it very clear if you are a spiritual man you need to understand things spiritually it’s also absolutely crucial that you understand the return of Jesus in a spiritual fashion, and because of that it will change the whole way that you are thinking about yourself and the role you have to play in the unfolding of God’s agenda to again fold the earth with this law.

The Law of Christ! ❤ IN the Mind of Christ! ❤

May the Spirit rest upon You, In the Mighty Name of Complete Prophecy, The fulfillment of Salvation, JESUS! YES, and AMEN!!!

All My LOVE, Diana ❤ xo 🙂