Always follow The Father’s Lead.


“Where there is no guidance the people fall, but in abundance of counselors there is victory.”   Proverbs 11:14

Today as I was deciding between finishing up this years leadership course or writing Mays blog- I realized that my time is limited and needs to be discerned with diligence; therefore I had to evaluate the time available towards both topics.

All test are due by next Tuesday for Leadship, but today is 5 years to the day I lost my dear step father to cancer. I kinda felt that I needed to honor today’s blog to my step dad. Ironically as of yesterday I was officially considered a published author.. I thought WOW.. thanks Dad.

I’d like to share his leadership a bit…

I know, your wondering what did my step father have to do with this book being published? Well for starters- Inspiration and encouragement. Our last few conversations we shared he reminded me that being unique and different than most was my greatest gift and that my passion for loving others would be the very thing that kept me reaching for the stars and making a difference in peoples lives. He pointed out how I seemed to love specifics with such desire and that I truly carried a innate wisdom that isn’t embraced as much by society. He seemed so sure that I’d do things that mattered. He was so good to continually encourage me even in his weakest and most painful hours. His last few sentences to me were, ” Reach for the stars baby girl- you’re a part of something big.” & “There has got to be a better way”- this statement was towards the harsh conventional/Western medical care he was receiving.  He truly desired to go a less harmful and natural route for treatement.

He also loved reminding me of my love towards animals, as he teased about a time that he was hunting down south with a few other hunters and he came back with a pickup truck bed full of dead fluffy bunnies.. 😦 and I reprimanded him and this over zealous kill. He commented that I loved protecting the fluffy bunnies more than he loved hunting them. He was so adorable when he stated that he believed that the very first lives to greet him in heaven would probably be all the animals he hunted. I kinda think he needed this belief and vision as a repenting moment, for he actually got choked up and yet showed forth to me a word of prophecy.. that being he called forth my veganism.. for although I was still on my Daniel fast journey -I truly did not realize that I was now an ethical vegan. Ha-ha.. see that there -Dad truly does know best.. Heavenly Father God grants awareness to the hearts of His children for his children’s children. 🙂

Okay so back to the little book finally published as of 5/9/16 ..

This book was actually a quick book I wrote for a book course I just finished with one of my nutritional schools ,Institute of Integrative Nutrition. My original intentions was to finish a book that I have been working for many years.. and I decided that It would not meet the course deadline, therefore sprung forth this new little book. I shared it in detail in my last blog in April. Feel free to go back an read it.

The most darling part of it is that it has created many opportunities for me towards my health ministry. I have many campaigns and writing opportunities because of it. It is only a 24 page book of very short words but it covers volumes (when reading between the lines). It is the exact representation of me and what I stand for.. all the topics that I feel led to help spread awareness.

As I realize that my step father simply recognized the leadership, mentoring, leading, guiding, teaching, informing, wishing the best for everyone desire within me .. this little book will be just the thing to do such the task..

My intentions are to donate 100% of the proceeds to a monthly cause that is near and dear to my heart.

This month of May and June I will donate the funds to helping someone treat their cancer with holistic- alternative care in honor of My step dad. May and June will always be designated for this cause because I lost him in May and June is Fathers day.. I will probably also designate January for this specific cause also, for that is his birthday month.

Other causes will include:

Organic living events/topics/education.
Ministry events.
Vaccine Injuries Awareness.
Animal rescue/ sanctuaries.
Holistic education.
And I’m sure much more.

Anyone interest in donating to this cause please place a book order here:

Thanks, Blessings, in my leadership kind of LOVE, Diana xo