Reality must hit soon!


I am flabbergasted.. Haha, not really; I am however disgusted. I’m disgusted with fearporn, and the blind leading the blind. And the very easily suggestible folks just following suit.

It is extremely unhealthy to  just do as told! People Please Wake UP; you are not a two year old in need of being spoon fed! Spoon fed fear based propaganda used to bully and fear us all into submission. YES, Submission.


As a minister I can’t tell you how many times I got the look of death stare when going over vows that contained the word, “submit” yet I’m seeing people submit to the ‘governing authorities’ no questions asked. That is NOT biblical! So stop pretending that it is. And please stop using scriptures to play docile.

Okay, I take that back,  maybe I am a bit flabbergasted. I mean I used to have some faith in people, some respect that people would not just take orders, but look into the issue for themselves. That they might look for true numbers and facts before simply conforming, Compliance seems to be the newest fad.

Anyone that knows me knows I am never compliant in orders of lies, nor bullying.  I know how to do my own research and come to a healthy, safe conclusion for myself and my loved ones. I do not need some bullshit-hyped up- governing story to tell me to wear a mask, self quarantine or even social distance. How absolutely preposterous is all this?  It is not going to lessen the outbreak nor is ‘staying home saving lives’ Quite the contrary!

Firstly, the number of people truly testing positive with symptoms and deaths are extremely corrupted. I’m truly not concerned with how many test positive, but my concern is who is actually sick.  I’m guessing that 80-90% of the deaths are due to the wrong and or harsh treatment protocols or lack of care due to fear. There are many other ways to be treating this virus, but doctors are being hushed.  I share enough info on my Facebook wall for others to read, listen and research for themselves, that I will not go over any of the numbers nor anymore protocols. Just know your being lied to, and that there is so much more to take into consideration before clapping and cheering on a long lock down. Seriously folks we cannot live in fear to something that is always going to be around, sickness and disease always has been and always will be around. All we can do is prepare ourselves better by actually being proactive instead of reactive with our health.vaccine

I will say though that NO MATTER WHAT I for one will not wear a mask, nor will I social distance; If I come to close to you, you’re probably to close to me, move away if it scares you to come into human contact. Sweet baby Jesus what is this world coming to?

WE are NOT walking diseases. This is a fear based thought process that the PROVAX- mandating mindset sets in place for all to conform to. Vaccines are a suppressant, there is NO healing or  health in suppression! HAVE I TAUGHT YOU NOTHING!?

Not to mention we should not be afraid of viruses; heck we are viruses folks; keep the terrain in correct balance and you will find health.breaking the law

I’m at a point where I feel that reality is never going to hit a few folks, they just going to sit and collect their little stimulus checks or be paid to stay home while the government takes care of them.  The truth is that some of us cannot get any stimulus because we own our own company and since cutting the economy down to nothing our business has lost a good huge percent of work and accounts, and there is not a bailout for all small family owned business owners. Sitting home is not going to pay my bills. NO there is NO stimulus for us, nor do I freaking want any state funded hand out! We want the right to work! That is all we are asking for! WE are asking for Our Rights to be honored and so should you be!!!!!! How un-American is being a docile, passive stimulus collecting citizen really? I hope eventually REALITY HITS US ALL!right to work

God does not bless laziness nor fear based living; He blesses the works of our hands. So protect you and your family the best you know how, but don’t use passive opinions to rule other lives, because truthfully OPINIONS are INVALID in most cases.

Let the favor of the Lord our God be on us; establish for us the work of our hands– establish the work of our hands!– Psa 90:17

-And Please stop calling those of us that want to work selfish because we are not collecting a state funded income, nor do we care too, and not to mention if this continues we will be a piss-poor world that will reach socialism/communism, One World Order faster than you can say, “STIMULUS!”

COMPRENDE’ YET? May we all please start supporting one another’s rights to work and work to make things right again? It’s all I intend to do and  I hope more will follow suit.

All in my deepest concern, love, light and prayer… Diana ❤