To Peds or Not to Peds? That is Nana’s Question!

As today is the last day of August, I realized I have not wrote this months blog.  So as I am finally given but a few moments of time, between kids needs, grandkids needs and the husbands needs.. I thought I sit down and write. blogToday we celebrate our newest family members 11th day of life, our little Mister Hayden Gabriel blessed us a wee bit too soon, he came six weeks early.  His birth was a rush and a blur, as he entered this world in less than one hour after I got my eldest daughter Carleen to the Emergency room with tummy pains.  On August 20th as she was complaining of her stomach  hurting a bit, so I suggested she try a warm bath to ease some of her discomfort; however not too much later she came out of the bathroom in tears stating that her tummy was cramping – so I rushed her in.. and well then our Hayden came out with a splash – let’s just say he actully blessed Nana… Yes I was that up close and personal, and yes the nurses askesd that I not attempt to birth Hayden on my own.. but truthfully Hayden practically birth himself and I made sure to be close enough to catch him if needed. 😉

hayden day one.jpg

     I seriously realize that after much Doula research and  working on the peferct birth plan, that NOTHING can be PERFECTLY PLANNED in this carnal world. I cannot tell you how much anxiety has overtaken me and my HOLISTIC mindset – not having complete control over the matter of someone I LOVE … let me just say, “AUHHHHH!!! I HATE IT, I HATE IT, I HATE IT!!” Our sweet little blessing is a trooper though and he is thriving one day and one step at a time. He was born at 4lbs- 5 ounces and 17 &3/4 inches long.. He is 11 days old today and back up to his birth weight or so … He is eating well, however we need the little man to eat 40 mils on his own every 3 hours or so before they make their next change.. that is our next milstone,and we are almost there..  Please pray and cheer for us and our precious little blessing- He sure is a fighter and a praiser! 😉


Have I mentioned how smart he is? This amazing preemie knew that mamma had an infection and this is why he evacuated himself.  He decided he’d birth himself and get out before it harmed him. He was actually on 3 antibiotics for a few days- then two, then none.. and if you know me and my holistic mind, You know all I kept thinking is “OH NO- HIS GUT HEALTH!!”  All health starts in the gut, the gut needs good microbes and antibiotics destroy good microbes .. againg, “AUHHHHH!!!” I cannot wait till this little bundle of joy is home so that mammas milk and some good preemie pro-biotics can get his lil’ tummy in order!! Yes & Amen!!

With all this excitement I haven’t had much time for me or homeschooilng the teenagers.. we are homeschooilng still and I feel we are trucking along; however, we really need to pick up the pace.. move it, move it, move it! Speaking of moving it, I put the teenagers and I into Pilates at the community college. Yup, homschool perks and of course getting my 14 year old into a college course (even gym) took some pulling of strings.. can we say “FAVOR!” another Yes & Amen!!

So as I wrap up this blog, I ask for prayers of assistance- guidence, health, healing, favor & GRACE! As we are asked to have a pediatrician picked out for Hayden prior to him being released out of the hospital, we are in search of one that does not push vaccinations nor disrespect a holistic family. We are  not against necessary medicine or emergency care; however, we are against bullies and WE DO NOT BELIEVE IN VACCINATION PERIOD! I have spent over 13 years in research and in educating myself in what health is and what sickenss is so that false science will not hinder my beliefs nor my faith! We are meant to heal, and only healthy things brings health- it really is that simple!

We do not beleive so much in pediatricians-  as we prefer a D.O. and we have a family Chiropractor… in which Hayden will be seeing monthly just as soon as he is released from the hospital.  So my prayers are that we find a good D.O. or reasonable Non- bulling doctor simply to see Hayden once or twice after his release, and then only needed for any (god forbid) future emergencies. We do not believe in bringing a healthy baby into a office full of sick people or near any one recently vaccinated.

NO one recently vaccinate will be allowed to visit Hayden either. For the truth of the matter is- the recently vaccinated shed for up to 6 weeks and sometimes more. Sorry folks we follow natural science! Our baby- our wishes! And He is way to precious to take any chances with the things of the unnatural.  He is our precious nature baby!

(hmmm.. another book idea!) 😉


All our precious LOVE and thanks, The greatful Hayden family! ❤ xoxo