Vision Belize


I am Belize

“Taste and see that the LORD is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in him.” Psa- 34:8

When God gives vision, He provides provision. I cannot even remotely come close to explaining the awesomeness of OUR GOD!

This was my third trip to Belize and to simply see the steps that God has taken me through to get me here. He constantly reminds me that as I take one step forward in faith, that He takes me one step further still! He is so good, He is so good to me! God is good and all the time, and all the time God is good!

This Belize journey for me is actually a Belize Destiny in itself. When God places people, places or things upon your heart- these are the kind of things that don’t leave the space they take up because they are imprinted upon your heart as carvings chiseled into stone! They are not of our human understanding but they are the forever things that only God could place there and only God can provide for!

If someone would have told me some years ago that I would have a heart for Belize- It would have went right over my head.. and ironically that is exactly what happened!- Haha.

Pat Fisher.jpg

*(Photo of Pat Fisher and I my last visit to Belize March 2016).

When an awesome woman of God, (Pat Fisher- A Belize missionary) came to visit us at our Indiana Bible college location in 2007- she spoke Belize over me… (Right over my head it went)… that was until 2011 when we were asked to pray about which location we were interested in going on our missions trip; the choices were between Belize and Nicaragua. At first  I chose Nicaragua, but after some time in prayer for Gods choice and assignment for me- God gave me an indescribable vision- and of course it was of beautiful animals. He showed me two distinctive animals; a wild cat and a tropical bird. After such a vision I thought to myself and God- those beautiful animals most likely reside in both countries. Then came the research of the two countries and with that came the pictures of each state bird and wild cat.. and there ya go- the rest is HISTORY; I am Belize!

Vision Belize

While on this last trip to Belize as I was in the gift shop of our resort, low and behold the first thing I layed my eyes upon was a key chain with my vision.. Beauty of the land and the animals.. My Belizean Kitty and Birdie!  *(photo above).

God knows my heat- as a matter of fact God formed my heart and chiseled the LOVE for HIS beautiful creation- His nature, His animals and His nations (His people) upon it!

That there was only part one vision… As during my Bible College experience we were assigned to ‘build a church’- we did this assignment in writing and had some visuals to share in 2011, but little did I know that He was actually assigning that I and a team of believers (or shall I say, “Belizers) would physically help ‘build a church’ in Belize in 2014.  Wow.. ‘who’d of thought?’ God is good and all the time, and all the time God is good!!

build a church.jpg

*(First photo- me attempting to help build the walls of the church in 2014- second photo the wall complete.. taken in 2016).

Belize church.jpg

*(Photo of Bob and I with Pastor Chan 2016).

Then there is the word that God spoke shortly after our trip in 2014..He spoke in His still small voice”mission home” and here we are  in 2016 helping prepare The Charis House for our future missions’ teams and for our Belize family here, The Rumbleys.

Mission home

*(photo of the front door to the Charis House (mission home/Rumbleys home in Belize.)

Mission home team.jpg

*(Photo of some Great men of God- Bob- Ross, Craig & Pastor Robert Palacio.)

I feel like the third time is confirmation and three times is a charm! As my husband sees some of this vision now too, we are awaiting clarity and perfect timing! But the best part of all this is to see some agreement on the horizon.. that not only am I BELIZE, BUT WE ARE BELIZE! 😀

we are Belize.jpg

*(photo of Bob and I on the roof top of Charis Bible Institute in Belize.. after we spoke at  Word of Life Church – Thanks to Pastor Simpson and his lovely wife Elswiths invite!  🙂

The next step I’m seeing is God prepare not only a ‘missions home’ but a ‘healing retreat!’Beacuse as I sat restfully refilling, refuling, and refireing in our Belieze resort, I found a peaceful healing I most indefinitely needed.. and I only needed to hear His still small voice call me back to Belize so that I could rest, be still, taste &  see that God is Good! Because God is good & all the time, and all the time God is good! “but of course!”

healing retreat

*(photo of our restful resort- (Best Western/Biltmore Resort) in Belize City Belize.. 2016).

He says, “Be still, and know that I am God;
I will be exalted among the nations,
I will be exalted in the earth.”- Psa 46:10  

~signing off in my Belize accent, “Jesus Loves You!”

❤ Diana is Belize!  XO  :*