Less of Ego and More of Spirit!

“He must become greater; I must become less.” – John 3:30

less of me​
Good Morning Narc-America!

Oops did I say that out loud, (and out loud to me is writing it down) πŸ˜‰

Well by golly I think I did! I cannot believe that this country is in such desperation that the candidates we are being given to vote are.. ‘lets just say, who they are’ names not needed. How in the world has it come down to this?

Funny how just yesterday I was so determined to clean up my email that I hit delete all.. meaning delete every single email (over 10,000 mind you) incoming, outgoing, drafts and saved.) ALL DELETED! Felt like I pulled a Hillary! Ugh!

Then we have our other narc being taunted as a reasonable candidate.. sadly I must say though that I joked during the last election that I’d vote Trump over Obama.. and sadly I might have – had Trump ran against him, and the election before that I’d gladly have voted Hillary for the same reasoning. Hey, first lady president .. yes, we must vote for that!

I guess what I’m ‘writing down’ ‘saying outloud’ is that I too almost cast a bad, destructive vote due to my selfish desires- wants and needs! And the sad fact that there wasn’t any worthy candidate..sorry, Me bad!

And if I went with the one that was siding with an important issue at hand for me, I’d be voting Trump on his vaccine stance.. and that is not to mandate them.. (lets not get me started there- another blog topic for another day.) I promise myself that I will not vote to ‘get my way’ or to ‘get what i desire’ but I must stay in prayer for the holy spirits lead.

I am so unsettled about this whole voting mess that ‘we the people’ have created. When we think the answer to government is more government, when we actually think our vote matters,when we spout stupid sayings like, “if you don’t vote you have no right to complain” Or ‘it’s our civic duty to vote’: Hell NO its not! It’s our Christian duty to vote in a Godly candidate, one that will put the word of God first and foremost, not vilify our country and our people and surly not put profit before the people.. there are way to many issues at hand that are at stake here, in which is why I am most likely not going to vote, and many that know me well enough KNOW I don’t fall for the BS when it comes to politics. I don’t need the politics of this country to tell me how to live, and what I can and cannot do. Thats what I have the holy spirit for… to detect the bs and avoid it at all cost!

The only reasonable candidate was Rand Paul and he dropped from the race because he hadn’t enough backers.. yup once again follow the money trail. Money is what gets a candidate to the day of voting and a bad vote is a detrimental vote.

Don’t get me wrong if you are not Christian – please feel free to vote as your soul desires, but if you are Christian, you best pray about it and allow God to lead, let us not forget what voting got us in the past.. Barabbas over Jesus and yes God still worked that out in His redemptive plan (John 19:12); however, I surely don’t want God having to use my miss-hapes in His plan. I’d rathen not be a Judas or Pharror- but rather help be part of His original will and intentions- and that is what is best for all involved. Just as His original intentions in the beginning is for all to live in peace and harmony, it is still His No harm holy intention, if we choose to set the carnal aside and simply allow the holy spirit to led and cast or NOT cast our vote.

It is not Christ like to think We must cast a carnal vote simple because everyone says so, sometimes if the choices are all bad, staying out of it and yet still praying for our leaders is what we should do.

God does know the end from the beginning, so remember if we are in the spirit – we can KNOW all things. So please stay in prayer and start with this, “Lord less of me and more of YOU. Search My heart and know my anxious thoughts and lead me in the everlasting way!” -(John 3:30 & 1 Cor 12:31)

Okay, My political stance is ova.. now I need to share my Lent project. Yup, I celebrate lent. I realize it is a Catholic thing, but for me it is my 40 days of fasting for Jesus, not as works, but as a faithful desire that I choose to set aside for HIM. Its His time to remove what don’t belong and to separate me out from the ill will intentions of the world and groom me, teach me, stretch me, guide me, change me and enlighten me some more! Yup- its all good! πŸ™‚

So I pray to my Christian friends that you too might feel led to fast for Jesus. It’s not meat (the Catholic thing) I give up, that be to simple for a Vegan.. lol… but I will pray and allow God to show me what it is I’m to fast from. He knows all my hearts desires and He knows what it is I need to remove myself from or allow to be removed from me. More time with HIM in prayer and in deed… now that is what I need! πŸ™‚ How about you? – Need some more of JESUS?

Blessings peeps… see you in March.. may the good LORD Bless you and keep you! YES & AMEN,
β€œβ€˜β€œThe Lord bless you
and keep you;

the Lord make his face shine on you
and be gracious to you;

the Lord turn his face toward you
and give you peace.”’ – Num 6:24-26

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​~ All my Lenting LOVE, Diana! ❀ xo