What in the world have you gotten yourself into? (Our friendship) ?


~This is a blog idea I borrowed from a facebook friend. Truth be told I notified this person of my ‘borrowing’ her idea. lol So her blog was titled, “Who You Just “Friended” On Facebook?”In her blog she shares how she was friend requested over 40 times in one day, many people she did not know.. so she wanted to make them aware ‘who she was and the passions she advocated for’.. << It was this passion and advocacy that caught my attention, and hence, Why I friended her to begin with. So lets ponder why you friended me? What is our connection, because life is all about connection.
1. You might be family and you love me ~or~ friended because you felt obligated to do so, and you truly hate or truly love many of my passions ~or~ you might be a friend of the family and think you might like being my facebook friend – or not .. 😉
2. We went to school together, whether elementary, middle school, high school or college. You decided to look me up and friend me.. or facebook notified you that I was ‘someone you might know’ 😉
3. We worked together somewhere…
4. We went to church together…
5. You are a writer and you LOVE writing…http://dianabart.wordpress.com/
6. We believe in some of the same passions which mine are many.

Now let’s talk about some of these passions… because these are what this post is really about.. giving you the opportunity to ‘get to know me better’ and come to love me or leave me.. Keep me on your friend list or unfriend me.. so here we go…
Over the last year I have accumulated over 200 new friends.. and honestly they are mostly of these 7 categories.
1. Vaccine Injury advocates this is my biggest reason for all the new friend request.. so many injured families coming together to research BOTH SIDES, so to be thoroughly informed without bias; to thourghly investigate .To understand how the human body actually works; to understand how health actually works; to understand how disease actually spreads and mutates; to understand what science truly is; and to realize that once you know how all that works, vaccines are irrelevant and unneccessary; you discover that they are A total farce based on FEAR based propaganda, all correlation and fictional lies.

learn the risk


Moving on…

2. Ethical Vegans- these are not the vegans simply for health reasons, but these are the vegans that choose to not partake in ANY harm posed to animals.. this includes: Eating them, wearing them, hunting them, research or experimenting on them, nor exploiting them. We don’t eat anything with a Mamma or a face.. We don’t support Circus’ or Zoo’s and we LOVE animal sanctuaries where one can rescue love, support and learn a lot about animals at them without further harm or exploitation. ❤

me and my cowhttps://www.facebook.com/BalanceByVegan/
3. Holistic Health nuts -Okay this one needs a bit of explaining or clarifying.. by health nut I do not mean I eat greek yogurt, low-fat, grass-fed or free range foods*note that meat, eggs, milk, cheese and butter don’t eat grass.. ok- but hey the animals do.. (back to above passion.)  Although I studied all the food theories and have gleaned from them  all-  I can truly see how or why they would help improve a person’s health; however, I am what is called a “Plant -Based Health Coach” that is my specialty. I don’t eat grass fed foods; I am grass fed straight forward.. (sarcasm).  I eat of the earth; I try to eat organic most of the time, but I eat what God grew me from His precious beautiful earth!- and I share it with all His creation!  Thank you my precious saviour!! 🙂

Which brings me to my next topic of passion…
4. Christians:  I share my christian passion with any one that will listen. My favorite is any God-fearing (to be in awe of HIM- on fire for HIM- in relationship with HIM)believer; however my most passionate stance is to help others KNOW Jesus and how to hear God’s voice… how do you hear from God? What is HIS Special LOVE language for you? For me it is through writing, reading and visions.. I have heard HIS Beautiful- Powerful, yet audible voice on many occasions. I constantly hear HIS still small voice through my daily walk with HIM. I love how HE pours 30,60 & 100 fold messages of knowledge, wisdom and love out to me! ❤ I could go on and all with that but lets move on…

me and my berries

5. Homeschooling Mammas: My heart has been to home school my girls for a long time, however it is new to me. God has finally nudged me to a complete and total peace about it. He has placed me in a place of trust in HIM and myself that we CAN DO THIS. I really don’t want to point out the catastrophe that public and even private schooling has become; however anything we give to the government becomes a ‘slippery’ slope. Don’t get me wrong I respect all the teachers and staff- A teacher was my past college major; however God took that and made it something more personal, MY GIRLS TEACHER. and a preacher too.. (yup licensed minister).. hence due to my above passion. ❤
On that note of “My Beloved Children” not only am I an advocate for homeschooling, but I support and encourage breastfeeding mamma’s, and am attempting to become a certified doula..


aubree &amp; book


6. JFK & Lee Oswald investigators.. haha this too is a new one for me, I stumbled upon it while researching vaccines and the rabbit hole just got bigger.. search for truth and you will find it! Look it up.. you’d be surprised how many lies we’ve bought. 0.O

lee and me

7. Flat earthers.. And this one I find interesting, not saying I believe or don’t believe, but am truly saying, “Ya never know if anything we’ve been taught (or shall I say programmed to believe) is even truth” Conspiracy Therorist? Nah, just a critical thinker; that’s how my brain works, and by the way we are all a part of this big conspiracy we call life, so go out there and live it, and QUESTION EVERYTHING!


… I’m still truth-seeking.. and again that rabbit hole gets deeper, and deeper and deeper… so HOLD ON ALICE.. we might just be going (“to the moon!”) 😉

So now that you know what you have gotten yourself into.. LOVE me OR LEAVE ME.. That is the question… ?? 😉

All My advocating LOVE, Diana xo