A moment in the Wilderness.

cabin in the wilderness                                 (Our Cabin in the Wilderness).

Today as I sit “cat-alone” in my  home, I ponder the beauty of life, love, and the preciousness of living in the moment. As my family is off on our ‘so called family vacation’ I opted out.. sort of..

As my extroverted husband could  not contain inviting a flock of peeps, our family vacation turned into a ‘community vacation.’ I kid you not – as I seen him off I counted the peeps… 8 girls, 5 boys ranging in ages 2-23…

We rented a cabin in the Wilderness: (Wisconsin Dells Cabin resort) and they are all enjoying the fruits or our labors; however, I am enjoying some get back to me & God time…

I tried my darndest to hype myself up and pack – I must of stared at my empty suitcase for hours two days straight knowing darn well I was not going to go.. My introverted, empathetic self just couldn’t do it.

I am on a constant healing journey with my adrenal glands (Adrenal Exhaustion)- I must  nourish my spirit constantly or else I am an empty vessel running on fumes. (FYI: An empathist is someone that feels everything that surrounds them; the people, the nature, the emotions the circumstance.) I knew that although the beauty around me would fill me, the energy of all there would also fill me, and as my shield/ yellow bubble might pop considering the energy and emotions of 13 youths and one Bob– Well my intuition spoke in volumes to me, and enlightened me to the frightful outcome that can occur. 😉

I also knew that the responsibilities and promises I’ve made to myself and to my book launching process would be ignored and not accomplished if I let December get away from me..

I have a Feb. 1st deadline to have my first draft into the editors.. and I can’t allow that pressure to squish me.  I  also realize that I do need a bit of a vaca; however, to me a trip to the dells with 13 lovely splendid creatures frolicking about is not my vision or idea of a vacation.. but to Bob it’s perfect.. as the extrovert feeds from the energy of others, in which is why He has so much of it… and why I have none. LOL

So as I’m also the deep thinking,  introspective, humble enough to wait for wisdom- and not go on my own Wis’dumb’ type of peep.. after two days of prayer and discernment.. God allowed my lil’ heart to understand that I needed a ‘sabbatical’ moment with HIM! He kept me home .. but He also placed upon my heart that My family is also a HUGE part of Me; and memories must be made.. so to the wilderness I shall go – two days after they go and prepare a way for me! 😉 Good plan God! 😀

I love when God balances me out, He encourages me to be me.. I am not a ashamed to say I’m a empathetic introvert.. (are those just words/titles?)- no– they are a way to explain traits and gifts about me.. just as the hubby is a energetic extrovert.. these  words/titles explain us..  The hubby that “Feeds” on outer-surrounding energy of  place, time, people and circumstance and the wife that internally “Feels” the surrounding energy of place, time, people and circumstance and therefore must allow quiet inner peace spiritual alone time with God to clear/clean her out and fill her up!!

So after spending all morning in praise and worship.. singing and dancing and praying and listening and resting in the LORD, I feel refilled, replenished and rebalanced once again.. and I still have another whole 24 hours to do so.. then off to the Wilderness I go to enjoy a  bit of the ‘fruits of our labors’ and I guess the tribe of 13 shall be mine for a few days and memories we shall make.

And there’s always a back up plan of sending them all off to the waterparks with Bob as I hibernate in our beautiful cabin in the Wilderness and introvert a bit there.- who knows maybe I’ll write about it! – Ya think? – “But of course”. 😉

~Signing off with a Good bye December- 2015 and HELLO 2016..

~All my Empathetic-Introverted LOVE to all my PEEPS! ❤ Diana xo

*(photo courtesy of Ann Dreixler.. our cabin in the wilderness-*note the cooler on the counter- Bob’s word of advice, “Never leave home without it!).  😉