My Interview



1. What do I do best?
(Tell us what you think you do better than anything else – personal or business related)

I detect propaganda.. lies, insincerity, immorality, and insecure, fear based thinking. I can see through the façade. I know to know to know on things that get past the normal eye. I’m a keen detective, almost nothing gets past me. I investigate everything thoroughly. I’m also a visionary.  I used to tell fortunes, but in my new awakened life, I now rather Give God the Glory and tell it like it is.. (heed warning, share prophecies, enlighten, awaken, inspire & love); hence why my personal life either flourishes or suffers (depending on the receiving recipients personality and ability to hear the message being given).

In my business life it is what I do, I share eye opening TRUTHS. I kill the ‘clung to for so long lies’ with plain and simple yet profound life changing- belief arranging TRUTH. It is what it is, take it or leave it, it is the center core of WHO I AM!12189905_784823218294523_7111899389402740534_n

2. What makes me the best version of myself?
(Tell us the most important quality or characteristic that has gotten you to where you are today)

My most important quality is I LOVE hard when LOVE is genuine. I give 110% to any person or cause that is placed upon my heart. I give 1,000% to my convictions. I’m the best version of myself when I am loved and accepted for being MYSELF, and that is the adamant Christian Vegan God ordained me to be- because GOD and ANIMALS ! Enough said! 🙂

me and my cow

3.What are my aspirations?
(Describe both your: a. PERSONAL and b. BUSINESS goals, ambitions or desires)

My first and foremost personal aspiration would be to see that this world be a NO HARM world, and to see us all learn to love and respect each and every breathing soul, including all people and animal as equally worthy of family, life, peace and love. I’d love to see us live in True Harmony. ❤

“Until we extend our circle of compassion to all living things, humanity will not find peace.” — Albert Schweitzer


My business aspirations is to someday own a  B&B, health and healing retreat (most likely in the beautiful country of Belize).. in this retreat we will help strengthen and heal the body, soul and spirit. I will of course have many animals simply to love and bring love to this place of healing also.Vision Belize

4. My Biggest Success?
(No rules here. This can be anything in your life that you view as your greatest accomplishment to date)

No competition here, my greatest personal accomplishment is hands down, MY CHILDREN! As I was told as a young teen girl that I would never be able to have children and suggested a full hysterectomy at age 17; let’s just say I beat the report and have three healthy, vibrant beauties. Three daughters (ages 24, 17 & 15) that I live and die for daily.My daughters

I also have two spunky, joyous grandloves. One grand daughter (age 3) and one grandson (age 1). They are my success, and I wouldn’t trade them for the World! ❤grandloves

My most successful business accomplishment would be a finished and published book: “Becoming Me While Losing You” ( A spiritual journey of Revelation and Healing).

Back of the Book: The beautiful journey of today can only begin when we learn to let go of yesterday.” – Dr. Steve Maraboli
Letting go is the most difficult challenge in our lives. We must learn to release control over our desires for life to stay the same as we painfully shed the cocoon of safety. Becoming Me While Losing You is the journey of Diana Bartkowiak beginning with wedding planning abruptly ceased with the sudden death of her Mother through the loss of one of the greatest men in her life, her step-daddy, Dan. Entwined with grieving, Diana fought to find peace through depression, anxiety, illness, and the subsequent struggle in her marriage. What she discovered is a truth no man can take away.
Diana Bartkowiak is a health coach, minister, and writer. She received her training at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, Body-Mind Institute, Hallelujah Acres and Andrew Wommack Ministries.
Diana works with people who are in search of ministry counsel, health coaching and are ready for a major spiritual health overhaul.
She’s been described as “In one word, genuine! A daughter of God, co-inheritor with Christ; a straight-shooting, Holy Spirit guided woman. Knowing she is in this world, but not of this world, she has learned to discern everyday events and handle them by ushering in Heaven to earth. I’m truly delighted to call her my friend and sister in Christ.” -Sheila Madura
For more information about Diana or to stay in the know, visit her at
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5. My Most Challenging Moment?
(Tell us about a notably difficult personal decision that you believe had a meaningful impact on your life)

If you read my book you’d know this one right off the bat. My most challenging moment was the day my mother died on a day I was to say I do.. this truly making my most challenging personal decision of marriage a daily struggle.. my most challenging daily task is to be married. I kid you not, THE STRUGGLE IS REAL! I don’t ‘become one’ well.. haha.. ‘Becoming Me while Kicking you off the bed’… lol.. my sarcasm just might be my life support. 😉

6. My Motto?
(Tell us a personal mantra, saying or adage that you tend to live life by or believe in strongly)

Well duh, “THE STUGGLE IS REAL!”   *note last question.   There’s nothing more real then the struggle; Key is to gain wisdom and strength in the struggle and to never give up in the struggle. No pain, No gain.

7. My Favorite People/Role Models?
(Tell us your favorite people and/or role models, both business and personal)

Okay, as my Christian Heart will say, JESUS is my first and foremost favorite person and example to live by. My most favorite person in my life was definitely my mother. My role models would have to be again my mother, Andrew Wommack, Joyce Myers, Dr. Max Gerson, Joshua Rosenthal & David ‘Avocado’ Wolfe. mother

8. My Favorite Places/Destinations?
(Tell us your favorite travel destination(s) or other place(s) that you enjoy)

Another ‘Well Duh’ moment.. BELIZE is hands down my favorite place to travel and some day retire/refire to. Other favorite places are anywhere in nature – a nature path, the beach, the woods, or a park. I also love some alone time with a book anywhere.. <<< if that’s considered a “PLACE” then that is where I LOVE to be! ❤

I am Belize

9. My Favorite Products/Objects?
(Tell us your favorite products, objects, items, tools etc.)

My favorite products would be BOOKS of all shapes, sizes and subjects, any Vegan wine and comfy yoga pants. 😉 I love Ameo & Young Living essential oils, Neal’s Yard Remedies organic health and beauty products, Zija (moringa) health products, & Jewelry In Candles (Gemstra) products; hence why I’m a distrubutor for most of them.

10. My Current Passions?
(No rules here. This can be anything in your life that you are currently excited about or enjoy)

My current passions are World PEACE; seriously though, my heart shares JESUS and HIS GOSPEL (my prophet heart). I promote plant based life style (hence my plant base health coaching ministry At (Faith, Food. Me). I share my adamant love for all animals (My Vegan By Revelation ministry).. I administrate holistic health for families (My Beloved Family ministry).. I advocate for breastfeeding mamma’s- vaccine injury awareness and homeschooling.

My future B&B healing retreat in Belize lives in me daily, and writing is my biggest passion! ❤

~And that’s just todays passions… ‘to be continued..’

All In LOVE & PEACE Always, Diana Bartkowiak ❤