In Future Terms



Pulling my 7 am writing grind.. yes, for me it’s so much easier to think and live in my future terms.. Ya know I’ll get to it tomorrow? Procrastination! Ahhhhh! It’s my middle name, ah no it isn’t – I’m not all bad, heck I’m a health coach and one of our talents are how to help others get things in order, how to plan ahead, how to get moving in the NOW! So I guess I’ll just hire myself to motivate myself then. Time for some bootcamp butt- kicking! 😉

In reality, the future has always been a (spiritually) seen thing for me, it’s the in the moment I have some trouble with – I know Faith is in the things hoped for, not in the things seen, and my scripture promise is for a great future filled with great hope.

~”For I know what I have planned for you,’ says the LORD. ‘I have plans to prosper you, not to harm you. I have plans to give you a future filled with hope.”- Jer 29:11

It’s living in the now, if I don’t take my first moments of everyday and meditate on the moment I lose myself for the rest of the day… My life and schedule allows me to around 1-3 hours of quiet alone time, depending if Bob works or my grandson wakes early, but usually I have some alone, grounding time which I use for walking the neighborhood, reading, writing praying and meditating.. << that’s number one for all my clients too, I tell them to attempt a few moments in the beginning of thier day to reflect, and allow peace to enter the premises so to enter the day fueled up.

Most people don’t spend any down, quiet, quality time with themselves nor God, and that is a terrible set up for a terrible day .. Get into you NOW moment.. (speaking to myself here too).

So with that all said, I am seeking to get in the now moments more with my career too, I work from home except when I see clients and do events obviously; My proverbs woman life creates a lot of avenues of income for me (if I work them).. I’ve obviously been slacking; not really, just having a hard time putting things in a working order. With homeschooling, taking care of our little guy, and attempting to keep my husband buisness from devoring all of our time- I am one busy mamma.

~”She carefully watches everything in her household and suffers nothing from laziness.” – Pro 31:27

So with me vamping my career and sharing all my avenues, I have an event page on my Organic line of great health and wellness products. If you have a facebook check out my page for the event at: Nourishing Life Remedies.

I’m also still seeking a few health clients; I have my basic 3,6,9,12 mo programs, and as always my one on one couseling. Message me at: Vegan By Revelation (no you do not have to be Vegan- however my main food therory was plant base, so I teach on how to encorporate more and more and more plants into the lifestyle).
And never forget my main calling is writing, so I am seeking some more book idea’s as time allows..

I want to add to my ‘Organic Baby-Holistically Raised’. I’ve had many people ask for me to speak in detail on the subjects I touch on in the book that would help them raise organic, holistic families & some asked if I can make it a coloring book for kids. Check out my page: My Beloved Family

I want to add more details, struggles and victories to my ‘Becoming Me While Losing You’, because I was actually asked if I’d ever wish to make my story a Christian movie deal.. I know WOW & LOL.. Anyhow there is too many painful but powerful details left out that would MAKE the MOVIE and reach more people. Keep that in your prayers. Cuz who really wants their life out there for the world to see? Well, God asked so I wrote, if you haven’t already ordered a copy you can still order my book online or come by I have copies on hand. Check out my page: Becoming Me While Losing You. I’m also pondering a study guide within the book too.

I have a book I’ve started in honor of my step father as promised in the ending of my last book. It’s a book on healing through faith and food. Check out my page: Faith & Food for Healing; this will speak on my spritual fast that led me to a plant base lifestyle and started my journey in Holistic Health and thus began my carer as a AADP & INHC & Health Minister. It’s all part of my WIDE AWAKENING and THE SOCIETY BLINDERS FALLING OFF!

My books are my business cards so onward I go.. So let me encourage all of you, learn from the past, live in the now and plan for the future! And NEVER FORGET LIVE FOR THE LORD!! ❤

~Charm is deceitful and beauty is vain, But a woman who fears the LORD, she shall be praised.”- Pro 31:29

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All my past, present & Future LOVE ❤ Diana xo