I Write Because NoBody Listens.

no one listens

Today I just had to take some ME TIME, so I booted my family out and alone I am at last.

Actually the truth of the matter is we all had a race planned; 15 people going to walk/run a 5k at Great America theme park. However after Bob pulling some Bob’s and my girls running their little disrespectful mouths, getting mom all wiled up- and I will admit causing me to be very unbecoming… I almost felt led to throw out all copies of my book, “Becoming Me While Losing You” since I was not acting nor feeling all that becoming. I was feeling irate with my family, and I know when I get to that point it’s time to take a break from the clan.

Since I homeschool, work from home, help raise my grandkids, and am at Bob’s beck and call- there comes a time I must just get away, or send them all away.  It works for me to send them to the races with Bob, just read my book, You’ll start to understand. 😉

In all seriousness I write because NOBODY listens and truthfully nobody reads either. Not one family member has even read my book yet;  however they plan to come to my event and act as if they’re so supportive; well they’re not and as the writer I’m going to write all about them and thier little unsupportive butts! I’m going to call them out! LOL

Well, today the end of April is near and as some of you might know I was supposed to been the proud owner of a Spa/Salon  by now, that dream is a goner, not going to happen, it’s another wash for Diana.. another epic fail! Yup, I dream, I get visions, I try my darndest to believe for them and to do what it is I must do to make it happen, then here comes life and circumstance… and ….. my dreams get squashed! 😦

Anyway I’m getting over my disappointment, it’s not the first and it won’t be the last. However I have learned that although I’m an adamant believer in Faith..I will no longer hope for a darm thing.. hope seems to me to be for wimps! Just saying!

“Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.” –Heb 11:1

So since my last ‘dream’ failed I decided to start my very own spa from home. I joined a great orgainc company called Neals Yard Remedies and I absolutly LOVE their products.. you can find my page and products here: us.nyrorganic.com/shop/dianabartkowiak

Hope you’ll come check out these awesome orgainc products and I also hope to see you all at my book signing event:

Date: Saturday May 27th -Time: 4-8p.m.
Place: Lincolnshire Country Club
390 E Richton Rd, Crete, Illinois 60417

Books will be available at the event, but here is the link for those that can’t attend and would like to purchase a copy, all proceeds go to a GREAT cause. May’s cause not yet announced.  www.createspace.com/6040637?ref=11476948utmid=6026

-All my  I swear I’m listening LOVE, Diana xo