Hug like Marcus! Love like Marcus! <3

As a mother It hurts to see a young life taken. My heart aches for all that knew and loved (knows and loves) Marcus. He touched every life he came in contact with. It only took meeting him once to never forget him. He was a people person, he loved everyone. His hugs were like medicine to the soul. He never, ever forgot to hug everyone – it was his hi and his goodbye and many in between. He was always sure to tell you he loved you, or missed you or thought you were great, awesome or beautiful (to the ladies) to the ‘boys, you were his bro, friend, buddy! He was every kids uncle. My grandloves adore Marcus! No one will forget this young man and the way he brought love to every soul that had the honor to know him.

We took him on a family vacation along with half the neighborhood as it wasn’t a Bartkowiak vacation without at least 20 or more of us. LOL He was quite the character – He made everyone laugh, watched friends episodes with me and constantly reminded me that I was ONE AWESOME MOM! How could I not love him. ❤ To know him is to love him.

I had the honor of watching him grow from a young boy to a young man as so many other moms have – because he was every mothers son. If you knew him and were a mother he called you mom. I got to watch him graduate with my youngest daughter Summer, whom loves and adores him too! Their birthdays were only one day apart! We even celebrated their last (19th) birthday together. it was my last memory of him. If I had known it be the last time I seen him- I’d have hugged him longer!

He has loved my middle daughter Savana like no other. He was her support group. He would have walked on glass barefoot for her or walked through fire for her. He always told me He was going to marry her someday! He was the sweetest!

He always helped my eldest daughter Carly with my grandkids, Aubree and Hayden and treated them like family- that’s because they were! Flesh and blood relatives are great but bonus family members are amazing too!

This young man was the biblical definition of LOVE; I’m now totally convinced it’s possible, because Marus displayed all the qualities of it!

We will always LOVE you MARCUS! ❤

As I wrap up this blog – I want to remind everyone that grief is a journey and everyone that has ever lost and loved someone it’s a personal journey that must take place. Everyone’s journey is different. Take your time. Heal at your own pace. Marcus is with you in heart, never let go of that! And as Marcus & I sang that theme song together, remember, that, “I’ll be there for you!” ~Friends

A Healing Journey through Grief,
Grief is not a problem to be cured, it is a statement, a statement that you love someone. Unfortunately, I have found that many have tried to deny or stuff their pain, to deny this journey of grief. They want to walk or run from it, but when you lose someone close to you- that’s pain that just won’t go away, that pain is very normal. It’s said that grief is really a journey, and on this journey there are a lot of different emotions…they can start off for some as dazed or shocked, and hearts just cries out “This can’t be real!” You feel numb, begin denying what’s happening… There can be intense crying, anger, resentment over the loss, some begin to feel afraid, as they face a future of uncertainty. Others just want to be alone. The hurting can go so deep that you begin to doubt what you believe. Maybe even question God and if you’re not careful, discouragement and depression can take root. Know now that those thoughts and feelings are normal, and you’re going to have to work through that pain and God wants you to bring your emotions to Him. He’s not intimidated or afraid of your emotions. He wants to embrace you, even now in the midst of it all. He is there for you.

*I’m offering free grief counseling to anyone in need! I’ll be there for you, Just message me! We are all going through this together! All My love, Diana xo