Treat others as you would like to be treated.

light and love

Do to others as you would have them do to you. -Luke 6:31


As I have spent an entire week dealing with arrogance and bullying, it has and always does bring me down a notch. And something I strive for is to not let other entities bring down my vibrations. I need not let others hinder my spirit.

In all major reality though there are so many bullies, full of arrogant biased opinions. I must state that opinions are not the same as MORALS, ETHICS, or BELIEFS! An opinion is just someone’s ” personal thought process” and when it is being portrayed as the ONLY way to “Think” “Be” or “Do”.. then it is nothing but an arrogant unimportant piece of information that ought be thrown back into the abyss of evil entities. If one opinion takes from another’s sense of rights or security then it is wrong period. If one’s opinion sends forth a “mandated” or “legalistic” position then it to is wrong! Do not, I repeat DO not put me or my family into your false sense of self – insecurity! Insecurity is the key to all fear lead decisions. And aggressive behavior is evidence of insecurity and false precepts.
If we can’t as the human race grant others respect and operate with integrity in all things then please stay home and stay the heck off social media. The social media bullies are the worse. When dealing with the attitudes of these narcissistic personalities I about lose my @#$%. So again,  I  have to remember I mustn’t let others steal my energy or bring down my vibrancy.  I refuse to come down to their frequency. But I will continue to lift them up in prayer. We are all vessels for Christ, portals so to speak; we are the antibodies that this unhealthy world needs; May we continually be the good bacteria/virus that comes to balance things out!
“Be the spiritual antibody. Be the virus that infects the system back. Vibrate higher – Christ is calling. Bring it to Earth. Be the change you want to see in the world. The world will change with you.”- Adam Ringham
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