Don’t let schooling interfere with your Education.


I was led to make Novembers blog about education. Once upon a time I thought homeshooling was for crazy hoover mamma’s (and maybe that is true); however I truly thought that one only homeschooled out of fear or was told their child could not attend if they refused the “Up To Date” hideous vacccine schedule. But as years went by and I went from PTA home room mamma and being politically involved with many town & school functions to  being absolutely burnt out and becoming exhasparated at the way the school system is run. I started desiring to homeschool and realized how many assumptions I had made; for one I am a crazy hoover mamma and there’s nothing wrong with that, except when I have to cut the cord & send them out into the “REAL world”.

I’ve always had the option to do “whatever I decide with my children” but I didn’t always have the support system, go ahead or confidence that I can do it. My middle child (now 17) has had years of struggling with focus and anxiety; she simply could not learn at the basic pace of the one size fits all system.  They simply pushed her along year after year. The school system liked labels and would suggest the medication route, in which we decided on a natural route with her. Her anxiety lessened but her focus and organization skills lacked. I can’t say since I started homeschooling that she’s gotten any better with organization, nor has she got a huge hold on her focus, but since we can move at a slower pace with a one on one route we have been able to get her to a point of confidence and passing grades, very good grades I might add. And now she is getting extra help at our community college.. she needs to pass the constitution.. send prayers. she test on 12/12.


I also do refuse to vaccinate and that was not an issue with school; I simply wrote up a vaccine exemption and signed off on it and into the nurses school file it went, no questions asked. I quit vaccinating before my youngest (now 15) hit kindergarten, so yes my two eldest have had a few vaccine injuries along the way, but it wasn’t until my youngest had a seizure after her 1 year chicken pox vaccine that we “connected the dots” and I became a die hard resesacher and ex-vaxxer.

I shared all that because some of the major dots I conneced with my middle child and all her anxiety is that is started after her 6mo shots when she suffered a lump in her leg that lasted for years.. this lump created pain so bad that she never crawled and she became super anxious and this caused major constipation.. The doctor even stated that the lump was “toxins from her vaccines stuck in a fat cell” that she could not detox out. I’ve always had doctors accidently “spill the beans”; hence why the dots connect. Then at age 5 she had her one and only filling and they gave her laughing gas without my consent, by the time I realized it, it was too late and she had a reaction to the gas. She’s actually never been the same since. Her depression and anxiety as a child and teen-  her melt downs, her super sensitive heart, all due part of being unneccesarily poisoned and not able to properly detox them out. We all have diffent levels of detoxing and many of us have a mutation in one of both of our MTHFR genes.. (research it).. this is a crucial matter if you want healthy children.

With all that let me just say’ You’ve been educated on my ‘dot connection’ course. LOL

Truthfully though I’ve realized that we have made the schools system model such a demanded structure that it wasn’t until I started  homeshcooling that taking one – three courses max at a time, studing for about 1-4 hours max a day is sufficient and in all reality makes more sense- I can feed through the assignement, help them get through each section and then I get to teach them “REAL LIFE” issues and how to forget all the “CRAP” they just had to memorize… I teach them how to disecern between propaganda and truth.  My intentions are  not to educate them in basic education forums or to memorize half truths but I intend to raise  them to be “Awakend & Enlightned”  Adults! Indoctrination has no place in this  home!


Tons of love from the Crazy Homeschooling Hoover Mamma! 😉