What would Jesus do?

I’ve been called un-christlike, because I’m not always fluffy, and nice, & don’t believe every heresy, blasphemy, hypocrite or false prophet that speaks. I don’t seek false prophets, false signs or false futures; no gold digging for me. I’m seen as an outcast, a hater, or a dooms day preacher. Hysterical actually..

I feel no doom, because I know how this all ends, what I stand for, who I believe in and who I belong to. That is Jesus! ❤

I speak no doom, I speak raw truth that only comes from aligning world events & everyday living to that of proper scripture. I strive to be extremly cautious not to add too, or take away from that in which Jesus has already spoken and or completed & what is yet to come through the visions and words He shows me in prayer, meditation and His Holy word. I ask myself in all things, What would Jesus do? Hmmm? Depends on the circumstance. He flipped tables because the pharises used Gods kingdom to make a profit. He cast demons out of the oppressed. He called one of His disciples satan because he thought he knew better than God. HE rebuked a fig tree for not producing good fruit. He corrected and guided so many. He healed all that came to Him, never denying anyone the chance at complete health- (sometimes He had something they needed to confess, do or see prior to healing).

HE used spit, mud, and dirty waters to heal. See that, germs didn’t stop Him; He used them in His journey of healing… (aka good gut bacteria). He multiplied food for the needs of the masses. He was a fan of essential oils, fruit and herbs for healing. It’s all scriptual my friends- God is fan of nature. “Who’d of thought?”
He walked on water and turned water to wine on an other occasion; because He had faith that HE could, and both served a purpose in the moment. He cast mountains into the sea because He stood firm in the circumstance. NO doubt crossed His mind that He couldn’t accomplish such things.

Jesus is not passive, aggressive, nor passive-aggressive, He is assertive!
He spoke in parables, figurativly and of reality. HE knocked down a whole army of men just by speaking, “I AM”. ❤

He laid His hands on the sick and seen them recover. He raised the dead and reminded them all that faith and fear do not mix. He asked them how long He must walk with them before they believe?! Faith comes by hearing and hearing the word of God.

Discern all things and do your due diligence, study yourself approved, and rightly divide the word of truth. Ask yourself, “Does it align?”

Be diligent to present yourself approved to God, a worker who does not need to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.- 2 Tim 2:5 (New King James)

I’ve been struggling with letting go of some people with mindsets that are way to oppresive for me; so many misjudge all that is going on around them, they are living not in caution but in fear. There truly is a difference. Caution is healthy but fear is the opposite. So many not only live out of their fear, they promote it and attempt to project it onto others. I don’t buy it. None of it. I won’t cower in fear to a cold, flu, any upper respiratory illness or any disease period! I will however, do my best to live a clean and healthy life, (as much as is in my very own power). I will constantly share and teach others to do the same. Health actually is a personal responsibility. So be accountible for yourself.

And Let me be clear: Christ is not in this mess we are calling Covid; He is not mandating masks, social distancing or stay at home orders; and He is definitely not in the vaccine agenda. These are the most ungoldly way to even handle what is going on. Christ is not oppressive, nor the thief. He does not ask one person to demand others to do something that may pose harm on them to give another some false sence of security. God for one gave us mouths and noses to breathe unhindered. God breathed life into us and breath is the very thing that gives us life, NEVER hinder it.

The whole we must do something for the greater good, and actually demand others to worry about the “immunocompromised” as if they are the only people that matter. Let me start with I care, I care deeply about everyone’s health. I don’t feel one is more important than another. And yes I would cover my mouth when around a ill patient. That is only common sense. But what I won’t do is wear a mask outside of its actual and proper use. If someone wishes to wear one after looking at the actual science for or against, pro’s and cons and they still find them of value, then so be it- “MASK UP” but DO NOT DEMAND OTHERS TO DO SO!

I have seen and heard of so many getting really bad lung issues and blood oxygen issues due to wearing them. And no not just because they wore them incorrectly but simple because they wore them period. To tell the truth No one is going to use them properly at all times, nor can they afford a new one as often as necessary, I see a money making scam here.I am saddened for those that must wear them to keep their jobs, I adamantly protest for all of them.

I for one cannot wear one more than 15 mins before I’m near the need for oxygen, (and I mean administered oxygen)- and be aware that dropping to 88% is already posing brain damage.

I will not go into a science nor medical lesson here, I will just sign off with Health is a personal responsibility, just as Christ provided healing (and still does and did)- He also ask that we be accountable and HE never asks us to sacrifice ourselves to save others, (that was His job), but in that we can sacrifice ego for humilty and in hopes find the right and prosperous way. His wisdom outweighs that of any worldly advice. So seek it today, He gives it without reproach.

“If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you.” … James 1:5