Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death.



Such a horrible saying isn’t it? We want, desire and deserve liberty, but at what cost? Is it really a life or death situation? Should our liberty for freedom even be such a challenge and serious risk?

I sit here checking my emails, surfing the web, scrolling through facebook feed and realize most people are without any such liberty. Many seem to be crawling through life with hardly any freedom what so ever and some are quite happy with what scraps they are thrown.

What am I getting at: Well if any one actually follows me or knows me well enough I fight for many liberties and a demand freedom in  many causes. We are told we live in a free state and are free to make choices. We banter our flag around like we’re some type of gods. Sadly we are just as ‘unfree’ as many other countries. We do not have such liberties as informed consent, proper knowledge on any subject and we have a public school system that is disastrous. We only have aid in order to control us and our decision-making, and we have ridiculous politics to such a point of pure evil intent.

Our health care system is the sickest in the nation, and we the people are totally “zombified!” Once again many people are quite comfy with this  because the fluoridation & vile vaccination programs are working; the medicate for every aliment has run its vicious course, sadly coursing through almost every vein in good, Ole, great AMERICA! We’re too medicated to even realize what our liberties are and how free we are not. 😦

We have people bantering “let’s Make America Great Again” yet do nothing as individuals to improve our nation. We The People truly need to pick up a book and read, get informed not indoctrinated.  Please do me a favor and get yourself a “google education” (just my way of saying, educate and properly inform yourself).. this does not mean just google everything. I truly mean find courses online, in colleges or go into a trade,  or study with an internship; and for the LOVE of GOD please do something that can strengthen your mind!

However, Do NOT, I repeat Do NOT simply believe everything you read, study or research but do please go deep into prayer and seek proper context and discernment… Because if one is using their God-given spirit, the can know all things; yes, they can know as the Great God knows.. it’s a promise that was freely given us. It sure beats an empty politicians promise “To Make America Great Again”… We The People are this Great nation and We the People need to make the difference not some politicians.

God has revealed it to us by the Spirit. The Spirit searches all things, even the deep things of God. For who among men knows the thoughts of man except his own spirit within him? So too, no one knows the thoughts ofGod except the Spirit of God. We have not received the spirit of the world, but the Spirit who is from God, that we may understand what God has freely given us. – 1 Cor 2:10-12

So may we stop with the fighting for rights by ranting like very malfunctioning Americans? Can we stop with the pink pussy hats, and the “We hate men” speeches, the “We hate Trump” speeches, or the BLM, the “#METOO” or whatever is next the distraction and division we call  cries for  LIBERTY! Yes, we all deserve fairness and equality and we need to be heard. We need to help others in similar situations, but more hate for hate doesn’t and never will be the answer.

I fight for vaccine injury awareness and free-choice in the vaccination stance. I SHOULD NOT HAVE TO; I should NEVER have to fight for my right to choose what is best for my family; I should just be given that right and left alone. Others opinions are irrelevant. NO one is being hurt by my choices, (yet so many believe in a fairy tale that my choice does hurt others) – again pick up some books and read the history of ALL of that concerns you in this matter (or any matter) before forming ridiculous and hateful opinion based on fallacy and fear. Fear is not a good motivator, but makes a great “hater” “distractor” and “controller”.


Do you want to be controlled? That is the question. Also let’s remember that the only thing we CAN control is our emotions and actions in every matter. We the People are the only answer to every issue placed before us. May we always use wisdom because there is nothing new under the sun. Absolutely NOTHING, it’s all just history repeating itself  because we either do not know the history or we are buying into every propaganda controlling tactic to get us in line. Line us up like animals.. (don’t get me started on that subject) let me just leave off with this though…

“Until we extend our circle of compassion to all living things, humanity will not find peace.” — Albert Schweitzer

under the sun