Raw Truth, Raw Pain, Raw Intellect, Raw Unknown!!

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As I am finally able to sit down and write this months blog, I realize once again I do not have a specific topic to discuss. Do I wish to wait a few more days or should I just take this opportunity and write? < That is the question!

Finding a moment to actually write these days is far and few… and with all the stuff that pops up in our lives to distract us from our purpose. From Funerals, to festivals, to family functions and town politics.. let’s not forget what my life consist of these days; crash courses, 15 detox protocols to work on and finally some homeschooling back in order. It’s like a judge with a courtroom of cases whom has to sit at the bench after weighing and studying the evidence (research) and make practical, fair judgments. UGH! Did I say judgement? OH NO, not Judgement.

Daily we need to make fair and practical judgments; we ought to constantly be doing so. Now I didn’t say judge a person according to opinion or a personal vendetta. I did say though that we need to take the evidence before us and earnestly discern it all. We need to be steadfast and diligent in all that we do, every day all the time. There is not a moment to spare or to waste on the wiles of the enemy. That being the lies and deception that I see so much of.

As I have been taking a crash course Mastering in all the Vaccine information available to anyone willing to do the research, weigh the pros and cons, and one that realizes that if we going to claim “We believe the Science” we need to “KNOW” the science.  One cannot go through this topic with naive or arrogant blinders on.  The truth of the matter is that for anyone to know the “Science, one must first know the “History” of the matter.

As I am over 3 weeks in this 5 week crash course I can’t even reiterate all the valuable info, (most I already have studied) but the nuts and bolts of it all being tightened for me.

Can I  just say to learn to be open is to learn to be raw, to accept the RAW TRUTH, whether we want to call it conspiracy or call it the truth, one thing is for sure that conspiracy is only a word to define a deceptive act playing out right under our noses simple because we can’t fathom anything other than what our perception will allow. This my friends is called “Cognitive Dissonance” don’t let your mind over ride your growth.

With a Raw Truth comes RAW PAIN. Allow the pain to “teach”  you and “guide” you into RAW INTELLECT!

Let us all go “ye therefore into the RAW UNKNOWN! 😉

“And you will know the truth, and that truth will set you free.”- John 8:32