Happy Hallow’s Eve!


“This is the day the Lord has made; We will rejoice and be glad in it.”- Psa 118:24

So let’s begin Why I as a Christian minister celebrate Hallows Eve…

I will start with simple honesty, I’m not a religious extremist. I love Jesus adamantly and I don’t put anything I do above HIM. I also don’t ‘give satan a day’ Period! All days are a day the LORD has made, and I will rejoice and be glad in it!  🙂

Kept it simple now didn’t I? Hey, to those that enjoy ranting and raving about how others spend their days, and how others should or should not live,  or what others should or not do, or why others do what they do…this is for you…

NO I don’t eat meat, I’m a Vegan, NO I don’t vote, unless God drops a sign on my head or sends the elephant to make a live appearance in my home.. hahahah.. (that happened) 😉 no I don’t believe in vaccinations PERIOD.. I don’t go the western medicine route unless once again God makes a personal appearance.. 😉 I no longer send my kids to a school system….let’s just say I await His decisions and that is how I make decisions for me, my family and my life…

So what does any of that have to do with hallow’s eve? Well nothing, it has to do with sharing adamant convictions without degrading or demonizing others (which I’m sure I’ve done with a few of those above topics) just keep in mind (perception is key!) To my perception I am against the ‘systems’ not the persons in all things! So I love the persons not the ‘systems’ THE BEAST IS JUST THAT- THE SYSTEMS & the things we choose to give power to.

Satan is not given a day but he is given the ‘systems’ this is how he gets  us out of God’s will and into his will of painic – fear, division and distrust.

Again, Satan is NOT GIVEN A DAY UNLESS WE GIVE IT TO HIM; therefore I don’t give him today, Hallows Eve, a simply fun day to play with my kids (now grandkids) in an old fashioned traditional way; dress up cute and such- and not forget that the day is truly about remembering and honoring  all the Martyrs of the past. It is Not a day to celebrate Satan and his minions.

So with hallows eve, Would God want me to celebrate it? Sure thing, Want to know why? Because He isn’t concerned with me continuing a tradition that has nothing to do with my love or devotion to HIM. It’s simply a day to carve pumpkins, eat candy (and if anything this is my only gripe– Detox is november 1st ..lol) and take the kiddo’s for a walk from home to  home to yell, “Trick or Treat” not sure that it is a serious matter as we all collectively want to make it..

I will share though that for a few years after my christian awakening  I did not celebrate Halloween; I didn’t buy gifts on christmas for my kids – we quit Santa and the Easter Bunny and we simply celebrated Christ!  Then I got saved from being saved, lol I finally got over my extreme antics and tampered down and realized that we as humans do make up traditions and ways to bring in The birth of Christ while also celebrating and enjoying family and buying gifts for one another, because its a hoiday of the greatest gift after all! ❤

We bring in spring by celebrating with eggs (I don’t eat eggs – yup Vegan)- but I love painting them with my kids and now my grandkids.. I like watching them find them on an easter hunt- and I love having family together to remember that the day is about Christ’s resurrection not eggs and candy, nor bunnies but with all this – just like halloween, I know how to separate tradition of man and  things of Christ. If we as Christians cannot act civil and realize that being an extreme nazi to others just because we don’t wish to partake in such things that go against what ‘we do’ then we are being a nitpicking bully. lol

Like I said, I am Vegan and I adamantly share about Veganism, because I’ve had the revelation of God’s NO HARM HOLY MOUNTAIN, does this mean I won’t partake with others that do eat animal? Or am I a natzi about it.. depends how you’re perceiving it, I guess.  I also don’t vote just because it’s what the norm do.. unless God sends an elephant or donkey to my home, (this has happened twice now) Believe me when I say, ‘ALL THINGS CAN  HAPPEN WITH CHRIST, ASK FOR ANSWERS – BELIEVING YOU WILL GET THEM, AND YOU WILL!- Mat 21:22

I don’t do the norm pertaining to almost anything, never have and probably never will. And I also put nothing above my love- honor and worship for May dearest Christ Jesus!

When we simply start to enjoy one another, respect our differences, and allow each other to grow up spiritually – this is when we can all celebrate together in harmony. Elephant- Donkey and monkeys alike. lol 😉 I do relate most things to animals, hey, works for me, just as it will on God’s NO HARM HOLY MOUNTAIN! There is no harm in celebrating hallows EVE!!

Stay safe, be respectful and enjoy celebrating a day for the Martyr’s and Saints or not! 😉

All my No Harm LOVE- Diana