Today at the Perk!

Hello Friends, “How You Doing?”

Iron sharpens Iron, so as one friend sharpens another- Pro 27:17

If you are a Facebook friend or follower you may have noticed that I started a little daily (or almost daily) photo and topic of the day called “Today at the Perk”. And if you know me personally you’ve probably noticed that outside of research and investigation into all things pertaining to life that my one and only down time, be silly and relax time is watching the old T.V. Series “Friends” .. If you are not a friends fan, I apologize but please take note that it’s okay to have differing opinions and past times as long as it doesn’t infringe upon others.

Okay, today’s Perk topic is actually me asking you, “How You Doing?’ (Joey’s mantra) 😉 Of course his is a flirty little saying to pick up the ladies; Mine is not of such the aim. My aim is to actually check in on my “friends”. As we continue down a crazy path of mayhem and fear porn propaganda daily. I really feel sorry that I cannot just come on out and give everyone a hug. An unfear-led hug. (PLACING A GENIUNE HUG HERE!) 🤗

If one knows me well via personally or socialmedially (My made up word)- then they also know I stand for NO B.S! God gives me wisdom when I ask, and He continually gives wisdom unbegrudgingly to those who ask. Key is to ask with a surrendered heart towards HIM & HIS WORD OF TRUTH! HIS POWERFUL TRUTH IS THE ONLY TRUTH WE OUGHT TO BE FOCUSING ON!

If any of you lack wisdom, you should pray to God, who will give it to you; because God gives generously and graciously to all.- James 1:5

I’m not talking about the wisdom of the world, or other peoples perception of dogma, doctrines or theologies, but I’m talking about the RHEMA word of GOD! I’m not seeing much personal relationships with God being shown lately, but I am seeing people rely upon others to show them “the way” begging churches, denominations, governments, and false idols for their guiding. NO one is coming to save this corrupt and dying world, so stop following that dead end plan. UGH.. it will lead us deeper into destruction just as the word prophecies! I pray we all start seeing the sign of the times and read, read, read the WORD. The bible interprets itself to those that seek it with a pure, surrender heart towards it. Its called scales for a reason, May the Holy Spirit remove thy scales today!

As a true scripture led and read friend let me remove a few more scales, as I see daily, especially in a election (selection) year people idealizing their lesser of two evil choices. We cannot ask for Gods kingdom come while allowing, welcoming and actually desiring this evil world and it’s evil ways; we cannot have it both ways! We just cannot. 😕

Do not love this world nor the things it offers you, for when you love the world, you do not have the love of the Father in you.- 1 John 2:15

I am seeing lies, lies and more lies spreading through my friends and fellow mankind. It is so disturbing to come on social media daily and see the next #hashtag movement set in place to only divide and conquer all of us. I stand for many, many (eye opening, life changing) causes) but I don’t do so to attempt to divide God’s people through vendetta and fear, but through conviction and TRUTH. The very fact that we are still being divided because of color, religion, political preference, vax vs unvaxxed and now masked vs unmasked.. it’s just simply unfathomable to me and I’m sure it is to GOD! God is not a lesser of persons: He is not partial. He does not mandate anything either. He simple gives us free will to choose in all matters – and {NEWSFLASH} even if we don’t agree with others thoughts, opinions, beliefs, preferences and not even their sins! Like it or not! God only asks us not to push ours upon others. HE doesn’t do it so neither should we!

Now I sometimes come off really, really strong in some topics and if I am STRONG on a topic it is because of conviction from the HOLY SPIRIT not pressure from the masses. I will NEVER comply with unethical, unconstitutional, ungodly, fear and control based information presented to us by anyone. I QUESTION EVERYTHING and so should all you my friends.

I know scripture tells us to “Think the best of everyone” but it also says to ” not to fall victim to satan tactics!” I truly do “think” the best of everyone, including satan; meaning I pray for everyone to see the TRUTH, and gain wisdom quickly, use godly discernment in all things! And for satan I think the best of him in that I know how smart he is and that he knows scripture as well as a well studied theologian does.. so beware of all the false prophets- especially now because they are everywhere. We are in the next phase of NWO (and to share this info with friends is not me being negative or preaching gloom and doom) but it is me simply discerning the times and sharing that with everyone I come of across when the time presents itself (after prayer for timing and temperance) from God first of course. I try not to speak out of line or Gods timing.. but my Facebook page is a plethora of areas you can start your own prayer-led, Holy Spirit led research with God led discernment!

Temperance is key, I need to seek God with my patience as I’m sure we all do.- Gal 5:23

But let me remind all that is on my friend list and those that might stumble upon this blog, Discernment of the times and of other people and their motives is crucial these days!

Ask for wisdom in a humbling state and God will embellish it upon you~!!

So I turned my mind to understand, to investigate and to search out wisdom and the scheme of things and to understand the stupidity of wickedness and the madness of folly.-Ecc 7:25

All my iron sharpening Love and ((HUGS)) -Diana