Inteview With Boley Books LLC.


–How did you discover you were a writer?

When I realized it was my most comforting therapy.

–How many books have you written and what are their titles?

I’ve written two books:
I was taking a book launching course with my nutritional school- we had a finish date to submit something by May 2016. My book that I had been writing since 2007 was just not complete.. It was actually finished as in material- but it needed more editing in which had to be another set of eyes other than my own. So as I was encouraged to write a quick childs book or a book of poetry, I kinda combined the two ideas and wrote, “Oraganic Baby Holistically Raised” which I used my two year old grand-daughter (at the time) as the voice of the book. It was basically a poetic book written though her eyes of how she would explain my upbringing of her. It was published on May 10th 2016 (the anniversary of my step fathers death).

My second book, “Becoming Me While Losing You” my original purpose of the book launching course was complete on January 23, 2017 in honor of my stepfather.. (January 23rd is my stepfathers birthday) making it another personal accomplishment for me.
I had a book signing event on May 27, 2017, in honor and remembrance of the loss of my mother, 18 years to the date of losing her. 😥

–What is your favorite childhood book?

Ironically ‘Bambi’ I just lost my cat Bambi this week to the hunger of coyotes, natures carnivorous hunters. 😦

me and bambi

Me & My Bambi Girl! ❤

–Tell us about a pivotal book you read as a teenager?

Read as a teenager? Unless it was assigned- I didn’t read. Seriously though Charlottes Web stands out to me, yet again another eye-opening, heart-opening subject to my now Vegan heart. Step by step I’ve read my way into ‘who I am’ I guess. I now LOVE to read, write & save the animals. 😉

–What is your writing kryptonite?

Vison- after prayer, meditation and alone, quiet time. Then I let the juices flow. Writing is my therapy for all things! 🙂

–What is the best money you ever spent as a writer?

Hands down, My awesome editor, Mysti Linne. I can’t put a price on the love, support, and awesome creativity she brought to my book and my life. She is priceless! ❤

–How do you choose the names for your characters?

Both my books are memoir’s- obviously I use real characters.

–Do you hide secrets in your books that only a few people will find?

Oh- there is definitely “read between the lines” messages; I’ve been told by many that they both speak in volumes on my many subjects. Even my first little book that is only 2o something pages long.

–What activities do you enjoy when you’re not writing?

Reading, researching, spending time with my girls and grandloves, and peaceful time in nature, It’s where I recieve my best visions and messages.

–What was your last project?

Becoming Me While Losing You. It sereves as a great ministerial tool with my clients.

–What is your next project?

I have three “next projects” on the back burner:
One is to make a study guide for “Becoming Me While Losing You.” I’ve also been asked if I’d ever turn it into a Christian movie, In which I’d have to share many more details that were left out. 😉
I’ve been asked to turn “Orgaic Baby Holistically Raised’  into a coloring book, and others have asked me to expand it into chapters on all the subjects I touched on.
And of course as a health coach I have many books started on Healing through Faith and Food.

–How can readers connect with you?

My Blog Page:
My Facecook pages:Becoming Me While Losing You; Faith & Food for Healing; My Beloved Family; Vegan By Revelation

In Future Terms



Pulling my 7 am writing grind.. yes, for me it’s so much easier to think and live in my future terms.. Ya know I’ll get to it tomorrow? Procrastination! Ahhhhh! It’s my middle name, ah no it isn’t – I’m not all bad, heck I’m a health coach and one of our talents are how to help others get things in order, how to plan ahead, how to get moving in the NOW! So I guess I’ll just hire myself to motivate myself then. Time for some bootcamp butt- kicking! 😉

In reality, the future has always been a (spiritually) seen thing for me, it’s the in the moment I have some trouble with – I know Faith is in the things hoped for, not in the things seen, and my scripture promise is for a great future filled with great hope.

~”For I know what I have planned for you,’ says the LORD. ‘I have plans to prosper you, not to harm you. I have plans to give you a future filled with hope.”- Jer 29:11

It’s living in the now, if I don’t take my first moments of everyday and meditate on the moment I lose myself for the rest of the day… My life and schedule allows me to around 1-3 hours of quiet alone time, depending if Bob works or my grandson wakes early, but usually I have some alone, grounding time which I use for walking the neighborhood, reading, writing praying and meditating.. << that’s number one for all my clients too, I tell them to attempt a few moments in the beginning of thier day to reflect, and allow peace to enter the premises so to enter the day fueled up.

Most people don’t spend any down, quiet, quality time with themselves nor God, and that is a terrible set up for a terrible day .. Get into you NOW moment.. (speaking to myself here too).

So with that all said, I am seeking to get in the now moments more with my career too, I work from home except when I see clients and do events obviously; My proverbs woman life creates a lot of avenues of income for me (if I work them).. I’ve obviously been slacking; not really, just having a hard time putting things in a working order. With homeschooling, taking care of our little guy, and attempting to keep my husband buisness from devoring all of our time- I am one busy mamma.

~”She carefully watches everything in her household and suffers nothing from laziness.” – Pro 31:27

So with me vamping my career and sharing all my avenues, I have an event page on my Organic line of great health and wellness products. If you have a facebook check out my page for the event at: Nourishing Life Remedies.

I’m also still seeking a few health clients; I have my basic 3,6,9,12 mo programs, and as always my one on one couseling. Message me at: Vegan By Revelation (no you do not have to be Vegan- however my main food therory was plant base, so I teach on how to encorporate more and more and more plants into the lifestyle).
And never forget my main calling is writing, so I am seeking some more book idea’s as time allows..

I want to add to my ‘Organic Baby-Holistically Raised’. I’ve had many people ask for me to speak in detail on the subjects I touch on in the book that would help them raise organic, holistic families & some asked if I can make it a coloring book for kids. Check out my page: My Beloved Family

I want to add more details, struggles and victories to my ‘Becoming Me While Losing You’, because I was actually asked if I’d ever wish to make my story a Christian movie deal.. I know WOW & LOL.. Anyhow there is too many painful but powerful details left out that would MAKE the MOVIE and reach more people. Keep that in your prayers. Cuz who really wants their life out there for the world to see? Well, God asked so I wrote, if you haven’t already ordered a copy you can still order my book online or come by I have copies on hand. Check out my page: Becoming Me While Losing You. I’m also pondering a study guide within the book too.

I have a book I’ve started in honor of my step father as promised in the ending of my last book. It’s a book on healing through faith and food. Check out my page: Faith & Food for Healing; this will speak on my spritual fast that led me to a plant base lifestyle and started my journey in Holistic Health and thus began my carer as a AADP & INHC & Health Minister. It’s all part of my WIDE AWAKENING and THE SOCIETY BLINDERS FALLING OFF!

My books are my business cards so onward I go.. So let me encourage all of you, learn from the past, live in the now and plan for the future! And NEVER FORGET LIVE FOR THE LORD!! ❤

~Charm is deceitful and beauty is vain, But a woman who fears the LORD, she shall be praised.”- Pro 31:29

future career.jpg
All my past, present & Future LOVE ❤ Diana xo

My Interview



1. What do I do best?
(Tell us what you think you do better than anything else – personal or business related)

I detect propaganda.. lies, insincerity, immorality, and insecure, fear based thinking. I can see through the façade. I know to know to know on things that get past the normal eye. I’m a keen detective, almost nothing gets past me. I investigate everything thoroughly. I’m also a visionary.  I used to tell fortunes, but in my new awakened life, I now rather Give God the Glory and tell it like it is.. (heed warning, share prophecies, enlighten, awaken, inspire & love); hence why my personal life either flourishes or suffers (depending on the receiving recipients personality and ability to hear the message being given).

In my business life it is what I do, I share eye opening TRUTHS. I kill the ‘clung to for so long lies’ with plain and simple yet profound life changing- belief arranging TRUTH. It is what it is, take it or leave it, it is the center core of WHO I AM!12189905_784823218294523_7111899389402740534_n

2. What makes me the best version of myself?
(Tell us the most important quality or characteristic that has gotten you to where you are today)

My most important quality is I LOVE hard when LOVE is genuine. I give 110% to any person or cause that is placed upon my heart. I give 1,000% to my convictions. I’m the best version of myself when I am loved and accepted for being MYSELF, and that is the adamant Christian Vegan God ordained me to be- because GOD and ANIMALS ! Enough said! 🙂

me and my cow

3.What are my aspirations?
(Describe both your: a. PERSONAL and b. BUSINESS goals, ambitions or desires)

My first and foremost personal aspiration would be to see that this world be a NO HARM world, and to see us all learn to love and respect each and every breathing soul, including all people and animal as equally worthy of family, life, peace and love. I’d love to see us live in True Harmony. ❤

“Until we extend our circle of compassion to all living things, humanity will not find peace.” — Albert Schweitzer


My business aspirations is to someday own a  B&B, health and healing retreat (most likely in the beautiful country of Belize).. in this retreat we will help strengthen and heal the body, soul and spirit. I will of course have many animals simply to love and bring love to this place of healing also.Vision Belize

4. My Biggest Success?
(No rules here. This can be anything in your life that you view as your greatest accomplishment to date)

No competition here, my greatest personal accomplishment is hands down, MY CHILDREN! As I was told as a young teen girl that I would never be able to have children and suggested a full hysterectomy at age 17; let’s just say I beat the report and have three healthy, vibrant beauties. Three daughters (ages 24, 17 & 15) that I live and die for daily.My daughters

I also have two spunky, joyous grandloves. One grand daughter (age 3) and one grandson (age 1). They are my success, and I wouldn’t trade them for the World! ❤grandloves

My most successful business accomplishment would be a finished and published book: “Becoming Me While Losing You” ( A spiritual journey of Revelation and Healing).

Back of the Book: The beautiful journey of today can only begin when we learn to let go of yesterday.” – Dr. Steve Maraboli
Letting go is the most difficult challenge in our lives. We must learn to release control over our desires for life to stay the same as we painfully shed the cocoon of safety. Becoming Me While Losing You is the journey of Diana Bartkowiak beginning with wedding planning abruptly ceased with the sudden death of her Mother through the loss of one of the greatest men in her life, her step-daddy, Dan. Entwined with grieving, Diana fought to find peace through depression, anxiety, illness, and the subsequent struggle in her marriage. What she discovered is a truth no man can take away.
Diana Bartkowiak is a health coach, minister, and writer. She received her training at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, Body-Mind Institute, Hallelujah Acres and Andrew Wommack Ministries.
Diana works with people who are in search of ministry counsel, health coaching and are ready for a major spiritual health overhaul.
She’s been described as “In one word, genuine! A daughter of God, co-inheritor with Christ; a straight-shooting, Holy Spirit guided woman. Knowing she is in this world, but not of this world, she has learned to discern everyday events and handle them by ushering in Heaven to earth. I’m truly delighted to call her my friend and sister in Christ.” -Sheila Madura
For more information about Diana or to stay in the know, visit her at
Order Book Here:https:…/…/1535248025book signing

5. My Most Challenging Moment?
(Tell us about a notably difficult personal decision that you believe had a meaningful impact on your life)

If you read my book you’d know this one right off the bat. My most challenging moment was the day my mother died on a day I was to say I do.. this truly making my most challenging personal decision of marriage a daily struggle.. my most challenging daily task is to be married. I kid you not, THE STRUGGLE IS REAL! I don’t ‘become one’ well.. haha.. ‘Becoming Me while Kicking you off the bed’… lol.. my sarcasm just might be my life support. 😉

6. My Motto?
(Tell us a personal mantra, saying or adage that you tend to live life by or believe in strongly)

Well duh, “THE STUGGLE IS REAL!”   *note last question.   There’s nothing more real then the struggle; Key is to gain wisdom and strength in the struggle and to never give up in the struggle. No pain, No gain.

7. My Favorite People/Role Models?
(Tell us your favorite people and/or role models, both business and personal)

Okay, as my Christian Heart will say, JESUS is my first and foremost favorite person and example to live by. My most favorite person in my life was definitely my mother. My role models would have to be again my mother, Andrew Wommack, Joyce Myers, Dr. Max Gerson, Joshua Rosenthal & David ‘Avocado’ Wolfe. mother

8. My Favorite Places/Destinations?
(Tell us your favorite travel destination(s) or other place(s) that you enjoy)

Another ‘Well Duh’ moment.. BELIZE is hands down my favorite place to travel and some day retire/refire to. Other favorite places are anywhere in nature – a nature path, the beach, the woods, or a park. I also love some alone time with a book anywhere.. <<< if that’s considered a “PLACE” then that is where I LOVE to be! ❤

I am Belize

9. My Favorite Products/Objects?
(Tell us your favorite products, objects, items, tools etc.)

My favorite products would be BOOKS of all shapes, sizes and subjects, any Vegan wine and comfy yoga pants. 😉 I love Ameo & Young Living essential oils, Neal’s Yard Remedies organic health and beauty products, Zija (moringa) health products, & Jewelry In Candles (Gemstra) products; hence why I’m a distrubutor for most of them.

10. My Current Passions?
(No rules here. This can be anything in your life that you are currently excited about or enjoy)

My current passions are World PEACE; seriously though, my heart shares JESUS and HIS GOSPEL (my prophet heart). I promote plant based life style (hence my plant base health coaching ministry At (Faith, Food. Me). I share my adamant love for all animals (My Vegan By Revelation ministry).. I administrate holistic health for families (My Beloved Family ministry).. I advocate for breastfeeding mamma’s- vaccine injury awareness and homeschooling.

My future B&B healing retreat in Belize lives in me daily, and writing is my biggest passion! ❤

~And that’s just todays passions… ‘to be continued..’

All In LOVE & PEACE Always, Diana Bartkowiak ❤

Built On A Rock!


“Everyone then who hears these words of mine and does them will be like a wise man who built his house on the rock. And the rain fell, and the floods came, and the winds blew and beat on that house, but it did not fall, because it had been founded on the rock. And everyone who hears these words of mine and does not do them will be like a foolish man who built his house on the sand. And the rain fell, and the floods came, and the winds blew and beat against that house, and it fell, and great was the fall of it.”  – Mat 7:24-27

Happy Anniversary to OUR HOME!  My husband and I built this house from the hole in the ground up in 1997. Well, we actually hired a construction company and crew. We  just picked out the details. From the model, the color scheme, the siding, brick, carpet tile, to light fixtures.. I was not as close to the Divine as I am now, I had the absolute Divine living in me- but did not always seek or trust that inner voice of God as I do now. So my main focus was “how the house was goining to look” and that it would be cozy and safe enough to raise a few rambunctious kids (and who knew grandloves too). 😉

As we sat in a clostophobic buisness office to close on a home we watched be build from the ground up, this home in which we almost lost at the very last minute.  I can remember this hot summer day; July 31, 1997, was our day of getting handed the keys to our future  home for our future family. The numbers came back that during our loan process we took on another debt (Bob bought me a $10,000 engagement ring), which meant we’d have to come up with  another $5,000 dollars at the closing.. and as a young couple with no savings (I know this was a start of  a pattern of failure right there. Do not operate out of such pattern, always have savings – budget, sacrifice, disipline oneself, do without, gain and build self control).

I about threw up when the construction companies laywer said, “well sorry you can’t have the home,” – the owner of the company said “well wait a minute we can work something out.” In those few moments of sadness and panick as I was just about to hypervenaliate, I stopped and tapped into my Divine inner still small voice and prayed.. It was as if My ABBA DADDY spoke to my heart – “the Father always provides for His children, when you stop to seek Me you will find Me, when you start to trust Me things will happen.”

~”Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, with whom there is no change or shifting shadow.”- James 1:17

Next as Bob and I started calling our parents to bail us out and borrow us the money, they decided to allow us to post date a check for $1,000 and promised not to cash it till the date we said it  would be covered.. (next pay check) living moment to  moment and pay check to paycheck. This satified the lawyer, and the zillion amounts of papers were signed and the keys handed to US, The home was OURS! IT WAS AT THIS MOMENT THAT I REALIZED THIS HOME WOULD BE BUILT ON THE WORD OF THE LORD!

~ “As for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.”- Josh 24:15


~”For a child will be born to us, a son will be given to us; And the government will rest on His shoulders; And His name will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Eternal Father, Prince of Peace.” -Isa 9:6


~To all who did receive Him, who believed in His name, He gave the right to become children of God,” – John 1:12


~”Hope in Lord Jehovah from your whole heart and do not trust upon the wisdom of your soul. Know Him in all your ways and he straightens your paths.”

– Pro 3:5 &6

❤ Blessings from This household ! ~Diana xo






Family Melt down moments! ;)


With fathers day around the corner and as my last blog stated my next book Idea would be about eating our way back to health in honor of a promise I made to my step father on his death bed, I must share that since his announcment of caner in April of 2011, my “food for thought” has never been the same.

As  I pondered back in time as to how my truly intellectual parents raised us girls, and how mother put a lot of time, thought and dedication into the details of most our meals, excect her single mom years when she worked. We fended for ourselves, with her leaving behind simple food idea’s and on a tight budget; meals of canned mushroom soup with white crackers, or fried bologna sandwhiches with pickels and chips that my big sis would throw together, (keep in mind we grew up without the invention of the microwave, ((probably a good thing)).

I then realize that step dad was the provider by godly order and a call he took on with care and pride. He was a generous, kind, loving, dedicted man that simply worked without complaint and made sure to keep food on the table and a roof over our head no matter how hard the times were. He NEVER ever made my mother feel that she had to work outside the home to help contribute finically and he never made us kids feel bad either. I can remember as a young girl brining him thermoses full of hot soup and coffee while he was bundled up in his winter gear pumping gas and selling cigarettes at the nearest gas station.  This kind of dedication taught respect and love to my heart and I couldn’t be prouder of him. He did what it took to give my mother the opportunity to be home with us girls and that to me was one of life’s most precious gifts! ❤

I was most thankful that mom did NOT HAVE to work but could if it suited the family.  It was a family decision, a well thought out process that they both did with all the family’s needs taken into consideration. When we truly think of our necessities vs our wants and selfish desires, this is the key to ‘what is best for all involved’.  I am no way against both parents working.  I am against  however mothers and or fathers putting a pay check, career status or selfish dream over thier children! It’s so degrading to the family unit to put pride and carnal desires over our true call and godly design of the family! I see broken family units constantly, mine included. You see we can try to do our utmost best, try to follow the godly order, and put our hearts desire inline with Gods, but still the ways of the world and the lust of the flesh can and still does wreak havoc on this beautiful design of the family unit that God has so graciously considered to be HIS most precious gift in all of HIS creation! ❤

We are  human people, we truly do and will mess up! I have always drempt of being a mommy, (and a nana was and is such a awesome bonus)! I have had the oppoutninty to be an at home mother, and I have been in a single mother postion working outside my home to provide for my daughter.. then came three.. 😉

So I do realize both ends of the spectrum. I have also taken the time to educate myself while my girls were being educated. I have cracked open my dreams and mad many of them come true; I have cetificates, diploma’s, degree’s,  a practitioner license, a ministry license, I have reached a level of ordainment, and I’ve finally published some books.  I’ve contibuted to the mission field- helped build a church in my home away from home Belize; I will have a healing B&B there soome day because that is what God has placed upon my heart! HE PUT IT THERE- so where God gives vision He gives provision. I do not share any of this to brag, because not one of these levels of accomplishment mean a darn thing if I do not put my family first and if I do not LOVE Then unconditionally.  So I do realize that my biggest most precious accomplishment is that of MOTHER! My most valued certificates are my three precious girls birth certificates! NOTHING is or EVER will be more precious to ME!! Well now the precious gift of nanahood, that’s pretty darn awesome too! ❤

With all that shared and said, I have so graciously been lucky enough in the past 20 years to be able to put them first. I have worked many jobs and had many positions during this mommy journey but have also been able to stay home with them when needed. I have always PUT THEIR NEEDS BEFORE MY OWN.  Especially my sanity! I have suffered many years of neglect and abuse by my lovely family.. (My kindness gets mistaken for weakness on many occasions)  and then my kindness evaporates and I have exploded many of these times at them. NOT the ideal way to deal with family. Sadly this is a pattern of many mammas.  Definlty not a proud mamma moment, but a mamma melt down moment to be aware of: Take Caution to my new  house rules:


So I guess since it is fathers day weekend I would just use this moment to thank all the hard working, dream sacrificing daddy’s making mother hood easier without guilt ridden words or degration to the mamma’s that sacrifices for their family on a daily basis!

Most importantly I want to thank My Father God and my two daddy’s for brining me up in love, respect and honor of What God has ordained the family unit to be..  And yes I realize that we are also brought up in mistakes and meltdowns so let’s just thank God for being the super glue that bonds us together even in our brokenness!


*p.s. please lift my real father Dennis Smiley up in prayer for he has suffered a stroke while visiting family in Arizona.  Bob and I  and other family members intend to fly out there soon to be with him during a stent surgery. All is well & God is good! ❤


Next steps…

next step

As I sit in complete awe this morning,  I am now brought to my next step. It’s completely awesome to know that God is leading me in my every pitter patter.. (no new pitter patter of babies feet here- but new steps towards my next goal.)

For me the happily introverted Empath.. (staying introverted for me is staying grounded IN HIM)… and being a deeply empath person, ( I feel others, I sense earth, and I am connected to the divineness of all things)… I felt absolutely aware of my next step in my calling of writing the visions and revelations God places upon my heart.. for He is my all encompassing God & in  Him I live and move and have my being! ❤

“For in him we live and move and have our being.’ As some of your own poets have said, ‘We are his offspring.'” – Acts 17:28 

Anywho, as I just finished up a very long journey – a heart breaking yet most amazing journey of life, loss and victory, that being not only the years spent living my journey but the years spent writing and publishing it in a book, “Becoming Me While Losing You.” Thanks to all that came to celebrate my day, and thanks to all that have bought or will buy my book. Support and encouragment are very crucial and appreciated pieces of life and relationship! So thanks  & thanks again!!

*Book can be oredered from my page: Becoming Me While Losing You:  – click on Shop Now; you can also find me on Amazon or Createspace.. or just send me a book request via private message or text. I will gladly get one to you.

To those that get to the end of my book, make note of my promise to write a book about my call into “the Daniel Fast” in honor of my step fathers cancer… & since I try to keep my promises.. I feel led to write about my Revelation into health and healing and victory on Gods “NO HARM, HOLY MOUNTAIN!”

“The wolf will dwell with the lamb, And the leopard will lie down with the young goat, And the calf and the young lion and the fatling together; And a little boy will lead them.Also the cow and the bear will graze, Their young will lie down together, And the lion will eat straw like the ox.The nursing child will play by the hole of the cobra, And the weaned child will put his hand on the viper’s den.They will not hurt or destroy in all My holy mountain, For the earth will be full of the knowledge of the LORD As the waters cover the sea.” Isa 11:6-9

Such a Beautiful word full of awe-inspiring vision.. us and them (the animals) living in PERFECT HARMONY!! So yes, my next book will be collections of my studies in Holistic health and healing through eating life giving foods, and all my journey and experiences with plant base eating and the very awesome fact that God provides everything we need to live & move & have our being from the very beginning….. Gen 1:29

WE were created in a garden and to a garden we shall return. For me God is full circle, and as I realized that the funds we raised at my book event was an exact $360.00 -full circle; I knew ultimately God is always perfect and God has always had an original plan and His orignal intentions are always perfect, good and cause no harm or suffering; therefore I am excited to share my NO HARM- VEGAN HEART!

*You can follow my vegan heart at:

EdenTitles of next book are in the making- but I’m pretty sure “Good Intentions”or “In The Begining” are a good Start! 😉

All my Vegan Love, Blessings — Nameste`<3 Diana 🙂 xo

I Write Because NoBody Listens.

no one listens

Today I just had to take some ME TIME, so I booted my family out and alone I am at last.

Actually the truth of the matter is we all had a race planned; 15 people going to walk/run a 5k at Great America theme park. However after Bob pulling some Bob’s and my girls running their little disrespectful mouths, getting mom all wiled up- and I will admit causing me to be very unbecoming… I almost felt led to throw out all copies of my book, “Becoming Me While Losing You” since I was not acting nor feeling all that becoming. I was feeling irate with my family, and I know when I get to that point it’s time to take a break from the clan.

Since I homeschool, work from home, help raise my grandkids, and am at Bob’s beck and call- there comes a time I must just get away, or send them all away.  It works for me to send them to the races with Bob, just read my book, You’ll start to understand. 😉

In all seriousness I write because NOBODY listens and truthfully nobody reads either. Not one family member has even read my book yet;  however they plan to come to my event and act as if they’re so supportive; well they’re not and as the writer I’m going to write all about them and thier little unsupportive butts! I’m going to call them out! LOL

Well, today the end of April is near and as some of you might know I was supposed to been the proud owner of a Spa/Salon  by now, that dream is a goner, not going to happen, it’s another wash for Diana.. another epic fail! Yup, I dream, I get visions, I try my darndest to believe for them and to do what it is I must do to make it happen, then here comes life and circumstance… and ….. my dreams get squashed! 😦

Anyway I’m getting over my disappointment, it’s not the first and it won’t be the last. However I have learned that although I’m an adamant believer in Faith..I will no longer hope for a darm thing.. hope seems to me to be for wimps! Just saying!

“Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.” –Heb 11:1

So since my last ‘dream’ failed I decided to start my very own spa from home. I joined a great orgainc company called Neals Yard Remedies and I absolutly LOVE their products.. you can find my page and products here:

Hope you’ll come check out these awesome orgainc products and I also hope to see you all at my book signing event:

Date: Saturday May 27th -Time: 4-8p.m.
Place: Lincolnshire Country Club
390 E Richton Rd, Crete, Illinois 60417

Books will be available at the event, but here is the link for those that can’t attend and would like to purchase a copy, all proceeds go to a GREAT cause. May’s cause not yet announced.

-All my  I swear I’m listening LOVE, Diana xo

Buy Me The SunShine!

Belize Was GREAT! However after Three days home the pain has kicked in..Time for me to buy the sunshine!


A bit of education for ya:

Vitamin D does not and never will come from a pill, not even D3- nor liquid form. Since I have a pituitary tumor, my body does not absorb pills very well. I NEED the actual sunlight as we all truly do! Vitamin D is not actually a vitamin but a hormone. It is actually hormone D, which comes from natural sunlight/rays (or light rays from tanning beds or tanning bulbs) that penetrate the skin using our bodies very own good cholesterol that converts it into hormone D,this means that when we get sunlight/sunrays without hinderance such as sunblock < <<< (A HUGE NO-NO) your body turns your very own bodies good cholesterol and this makes hormone D.. a very, very, very important hormone.


Many diseases and disorders stem from lack of hormone D. Why?  Because so many avoid the sunlight, use sunblock or simply take ‘syntethic’ vitamin D which acutally uses the bodies very own Bad Choleserol to convert it into hormone D making it acutally bad for our bodies. I think the whole key here is ‘synthetic’ anything is just that- it is a conterfiet.. And REAL is always BEST!!


Also high doeses of synthetic Vitamin D is very bad for the kidneys but after realizing that synthetic uses up the bodies bad cholesterol to make this hormone would make it obvious that it would be bad for the bodies organs, and that the SKIN is our bodies biggest organ. Our body needs the sunlight, no if’s and’s or butts about it, so get your butt out into the sun, it’s so good for you! Now don’t go becoming a sungod or goddess- don’t scorch in the sun, but do pay tribute to the warm sunlight that God provided us by spending atleast 20 mins a day in it WITHOUT SUNBLOCK, (that stuff is toxic poison) not to mention again that our skin is our biggest organ so let’s stop loading products on it that harm it more than help it, because we need to recognize that our skin absorbs everything we put on it quickly and that can be crucial to our health. LOVE your Skin it’s your only covering! LOVE your skin, love yourself. All people need the sun, so this myth that darker people don’t need to tan is simply wrong. Get in the sunlight- it’s a health source if we have a well balanced diet we should not burn like toast. 😉


I wish to point out that a body that is acidic will burn, a body that is alkaline will tan, and a slight redness is good and should turn to tan if the bodies pH is in balance. All things in balance produces a balanced body, balanced health and a balanced life. Eat along the lines of 80/20 .. 80% alkaline foods, & 20% acidic..
Alkaline foods are mostly plant based, and acidic foods are animal based.. alcohol is acidic, so are all medications.. This is all some simple guidelines to understand why our bodies might burn more than others. Burning is known by peeling, we are not meant to peel like a banana.. 😉 so remember reddness should turn to tan when the body is alkaline, and will produce you some natural Vitamin/ hormone D. Yes & AMEN!


Me be heading to my tanning salon for my does of hormone D. 😀

Celebrating Victory! :)

Hello Peeps, Happy 2017…


“Thanks be to God, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.” -1 Cor 15:57

I know this is the last day of January, therefore I must get out my monthly blog, so here it is.  As many of you might know I have finally published my long awaited book, “Becoming Me While Losing You”. It was a book God placed upon my heart to write many years back, it was quite the process mainly because God was and still is growing me into me. Life is always going to be about spiritual maturity. Gods perfect plan for us is to grow into the US HE HAS FOR US TO BE!

This book was many years of healing for me. I write for therapy, I write for healing, and I write by command of my heavenly father.. HE has ordained for me to write of HIS GLORIES to write of HIS GRACE, and to Write of HIS marvelous loving face. AS I have had face to face moments with God/MY JESUS many times, spending times in HIS awesomeness is my ultimate desire and place to be..

My book Bio writen by my lovely editor Mysti,

“The beautiful journey of today can only begin when we learn to let go of yesterday.” – Dr. Steve Maraboli

“Letting go is the most difficult challenge in our lives. We must learn to release control over our desires for life to stay the same as we painfully shed the cocoon of safety. Becoming Me While Losing You is the journey of Diana Bartkowiak beginning with wedding planning abruptly ceased with the sudden death of her Mother through the loss of one of the greatest men in her life, her step-daddy, Dan. Entwined with grieving, Diana fought to find peace through depression, anxiety, illness, and the subsequent struggle in her marriage. What she discovered is a truth no man can take away.”

About Me (the author)- Diana Bartkowiak is a health coach, minister, and writer. She received her training at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, Body-Mind Institute, Hallelujah Acres and Andrew Wommack Ministries.

Diana works with people who are in search of ministry counsel, health coaching and are ready for a major spiritual health overhaul.

She’s been described as “In one word, genuine! A daughter of God, co-inheritor with Christ; a straight-shooting, Holy Spirit guided woman. Knowing she is in this world, but not of this world, she has learned to discern everyday events and handle them by ushering in Heaven to earth. I’m truly delighted to call her my friend and sister in Christ.”

-Sheila Madura

You may follow my book and love for books and writing at this facebook page:

My husband has booked me a book signing event at Scrementi’s resturant it Steger on April 1st 2017 – we will be sending out invites soon.

I hope to see you there to join me in celebrating a VICTORY! 🙂

All MY victorious LOVE, Diana ❤ xo

Tis the season to be Vegan….

Then God said, “Behold, I have given you every plant yielding seed that is on the surface of all the earth, and every tree which has fruit yielding seed; it shall be food for you;and to every beast of the earth and to every bird of the sky and to every thing that moves on the earth which has life, I have given every green plant for food”; and it was so.” -Gen 1:29-30 


Seems yesterdays Meatless Monday Message and my plant based health coaching offer brought me some interests and questions.. So I decided to make it this months blog idea.

First I had the question, why did you choose to go Vegan?

I was in prayer about my step fathers  pancreatic cancer and God lead me to the Daniel Fast. This was very personal to me for a few reasons; One, my step fathers name is Daniel. Two, he was a hunter and I was a adamant animal lover, he always encouraged me to protect the animals in my (vegan- heart kinda way).. although he never said vegan,  he quite often mentioned that I was much like a vegetarian at heart. We ate his wild catch (free range meat – if ya will) quite often too. Rabbit, Pheasant, Deer & fish.. both parents were fishermen/woman. We ate what was put before us with graditude. Anyway, flash foward to April of 2011- about one month before his death, I was in prayer and heard God’s audible voice clearly say, “Daniel Fast”. Only to wake up the next morning to my husband stating that he felt led to fast.. (with out my mention mind you.) This only confirmed that he too heard God’s audible voice. With that we started our 21 day Daniel Fast.

After only 11 days into my fast I felt sick due to my body detoxing but I knew I’d never take back to eating the flesh of the animal. I didn’t realize that milk, cheese and eggs would be left off my plate too for good; however that just happened quite easily. I never craved any animal protiens again. God also gave me a vision of what milk and eggs really are and that my body did not need lactation nor ovulation of another creature and in all reality was a hugh culprit to a lot of my past health issues. This all helped my transition to be very easy for me. What helped me the most with the transition was that I just jumped in and let God take the lead; so when I am asked to help others with it (because I did decide to study nutrition and become a plant based health coach) I must have some insight, modules, schedules or food planning then right?  Well, yes, I do have some more professioal material in which is shared with my contracted clients, however- even with all the education I recieved and all the food/nutrition understanding I gained, nothing was any clearer to me than keeping it simple.

I eat what we were originally created to eat, and that is the fruit of the plant and every fruit bearing seed. I eat very little grain, and if I do it is live grains. I eat lots and lots of fruit and veggies; veggies are my favorite food. I drink lots of infused water and teas. I drink only plant based milks very seldomly though.

Another question was how do I feed my family- since not everyone is vegetatian or vegan. Well, my kids all went on the  21 day fast with us in honor of their grandfather, so they did see health improvements. We discovered that two are quite  lactose intolerant, and  one is very sensitive to grains. None of us drink any dairy milk since the fast. My youngest is very sensitive to food coloring, but we’ve known this since she was very small. Food coloring and preservatives are much easier to avoid with a plant based diet, because plants are real food without all the additives. Seek clean organinc fruits and veggies though or grow your own.  Another awesome thing about my family is they NEVER ask me or expect me to cook any animal products.. they simply eat what is placed before them or they fend for themselves. They are teenagers now and one adult, whom shops for herself and her kids and she too cooks for the family (she adds the meat – so to speak). My kids are more adamant towards me avoiding animal protien then one would think. If we go out to eat and even a bit of cheese or egg or meat is on my order, THEY demand the waitress take it back and get my order right. LOL They know my heart and they are so awesome to respect and honor my convictions. One of my daughters was also a vegetarian at heart, since she was two she begged us not to make her eat the ‘babies”, her term for meat. So she happily became a vegetarian and is still thriving on a plant based diet 7 years later- & she always comments that she wishes to be totally vegan soon.. lol Her weakness is cheese and ice cream which makes her ill every time, she is one of my lactose intolerant.

Again my best advice is to keep it simple. This is my philosophy menu.. this goes for any type of person- vegan, vegetarian or meat eaters, here are some simple nutrition nuggests I learned during my food for healing education journey:

  1. Juice a lot.. real fresh juicing.
  2. Eat fruit first thing in the morning… and eat a piece of fruit before every single meal- Around 15 mins before each meal.This provides the body with natural enzymes to start the digestion process.
  3. Make fruit one of your main meals.. eat tons of it- till full.
  4. Eat veggies with two or more meals a day, I attempt to eat 2 veggies with lunch and dinner.
  5. Make 2-5 veggies for atleast one whole meal a day. Example. (Don’t forget the piece of fruit 15 mins prior to the meal)- then have a small garden salad, then some meatless soup, a baked or sweet potato with green beans and brussle sprouts for the main meal. Wash down with some infused water or green tea.
  6. Mushrooms and Potatoes serves as great meat substitute.. (not so much flavor or texture- but the ‘meatier’ more filling part of the meal.)
  7. Do NOT worry about getting enough protein, protein is in everything and we are a protein addict world; we are overloaded with undigestable animal protiens. We need to be able to digest our protiens.. fruits and veggies are diegestable and offer fiber and enzymes.. which are the key to life.. live enzymes.
  8. Enzymes have three functions: one to digest, one to heal and one for energy. So let us not waste them all on digesting our foods, this takes away from our energy and our healing capabilities; hence why we  age, get sick and die.. we actually run out of enzymes by depleting our enzyme account. Think of it as a bank account we are given at birth- if we only withdraw from our account and do not make healthy deposist, we will end up on empty. Fruit and veggies provide natural enzymes, where as animal protiens use up our bodies bank account. May we learn to balance our bank accounts for living. 😉
  9. Another good pointer that works for me- when I stick to it- is to do intermit fasting. I don’t eat after 6pm and hardly ever eat before 10am-  noon. Opposed to popular belief and false information, breakfast is NOT the most important meal of the day, Lunch is.. the middle of the day… so eat a small breakfast, a larger lunch and a medium dinner.. do not eat after 6p.m and the digestion tract will start to work at optimum levles.
  10. Stay active:  find what  you love to do and do it as often as time allows, but do always make some time for doing something active that you love to do. Walking is a must = attempt to walk 10,000 steps a day at least to help with digestion and health.

Okay, well I’m going to stop there and wish all the best of luck in any and all health changes anyone chooses to take. Whether one choose to go Vegetarian, Vegan or just eat less animal protiens, know that every little bit helps a lot for the animals, for your health and for our planet! 🙂

All my Vegan LOVE, Diana ,

p.s. I am starging up 6 mo- 9 mo and 12 mo health coaching programs.. message me at:  Balance By Vegan/ Balance By Revelation via facebook for interest.