Witch Way to the (GOOD) Wine?


 “This is My blood of the covenant, which is poured out for many.

-Mark 14:22–24

As I prepared October’s Blog I felt led to add a bit of Halloween fun to the mix. I am a very Christ loving gal, but I got over my ‘religious’ years of condemning the harmless tradition of Halloween many years ago. I repent for being such an old wine-skin and  glad to be delivered of them demons.. << the uptight, religious grump.. LOL



“No one pours new wine into old wine-skins. If they do, the skins will burst; the wine will run out and the wine-skins will be ruined. No, they pour new wine into new wine-skins, and both are preserved.” -Matt 9:17

There is no such thing as a Christ believing and loving Christian that gives Satan a day, so let’s not judge others according to ‘who you give the day to’ because I give Satan NO DAYS. This is a day that is actually to celebrate all the spiritual saints of the past, with a touch of tradition making it a silly day to dress up and commune in the neighborhood collecting goodies.. (please hand out apples folks). IF only-right. 😉


Anyway as my youngest daughter thought of me when she saw the T-shirt in the photo above ( I’m guessing she sees me as the (GOOD) witch and that I can use an occasional glass of wine). 😉 and the wine glass in the photo I won at a fundraiser.. it reads, “Save Water, Drink Wine,” and all this brought me to the scriptures of Jesus turning water to wine and I wanted to share a lil’ bible lesson on this day OF ALL SAINTS.

The transformation of water into wine at the Marriage at Cana or Wedding at Cana is the first miracle attributed to Jesus in the Gospel of John. In the Gospel account, Jesus, his mother and his disciples are invited to a wedding, and when the wine runs out, Jesus delivers a sign of his glory by turning water into wine. -John 2:1-11

There’s more to be said about this passage, but certainly not less than this: Jesus made so much wine to show the long-promised age has arrived and the blessings that accompany his kingdom are overflowing.

Out of Jesus’s fullness the wedding guests received grace upon grace (John 1:16). They drank the very best earthly wine ever created, made by the Creator of grapes himself. But more than that, the wine they drank freely was a foretaste of the gospel.

Jesus knew the time for making the real gospel wine of Calvary had not yet come (John 2:4).But this wedding wine, poured out of vessels of purification, foreshadowed that best of all wines, which would be served after humans had done their sinful insufficient best to meet their need and failed. This wine would flow freely with infinite abundance from the purest Vessel of all time for the greatest wedding of all time.

Wine symbolizes the blood (sacrifice) of the Lord Jesus Christ  during the Lord’s Supper And was used by the Lord Jesus Christ as a sign of the covenant. In the evening when he was to be arrested, the Lord Jesus asked to have a last supper, that His disciples prepared. During that supper…

While they were eating, He took some bread, and after a blessing He broke it, and gave it to them, and said, “Take it; this is My body.” And when He had taken a cup and given thanks, He gave it to them, and they all drank from it. And He said to them, “This is My blood of the covenant, which is poured out for many.

~Mark 14:22–24

I am also sharing the “Cup” of Christ pointing out my cup in the photo to remind me to sometimes choose a glass of wine to help with my holistic remedies towards healing.

“No longer drink water exclusively, but use a little wine for the sake of your stomach and your frequent ailments.”~1 Tim 5:24

With all this I am in no way encouraging drinking as a past time, nor do I encourage alcoholics to take in the drinking of wine, for there is no temptation coming from me; I am however sharing the symbolic and biblical view-point of ‘Which/Witch’ wine is best.. and that be our all mighty, loving perfect saint of all saints, Our Savior JESUS CHRIST! ❤

Today I celebrate Christ and HIS overflowing Glory forever & ever, I give HIM all days, As I fill my glass with the “GOOD Wine!” ❤

Signed -The Good Witch! 😉 ❤



Orgainc Baby- Holistically Raised!

My name is Aubree- I am two today- I want to share..
a story about my Nana’s care.

On my first day in Nana’s care,
We both could not help but stare..Nana and Aubree

There was this feeling that she knew best,
and she’d put all things to the test.

The very moment she laid eyes on me..
She knew she’d raise me holistically.Nana cuddles

She shared important advice with my mommy-
and my mommy trusted her mommy.

My mommy never doubted Nana’s care,
My mommy never had any fear.

Carly and Aubree

My Nana coached my mommy through my birth, With daddy there-
Both supported mine & Mommy’s care.

They stayed with us from start to finish,
Nana felt pain for mommy – but prayers made her fear diminish.

She prayed in another language-
she calls this her prayer language.

She prays like this when she has doubt or fear,
it gives her answers and she feels Him near.Carly Chris and Aubree

Nana prays to God a lot,
because she loves Him a lot.

She trust in Him to guide her right,
She prays to Him both day and night.

Nana makes her choices after seeking Gods wisdom-
because she doesn’t always trust her own wis-dumb.

Nana even blessed me,
she said my life is dedicated to give God Glory!

Aubrees blessing

She remembers once going against her will-
She is thankful that Auntie Summer is with us still…

Mommy does not vaccinate me, because she remembers what happened to my Auntie. They say it was scary!

My Auntie Summer was a bit younger than me-
she was just a sweet little baby.

The doctor asked my Nana to go against her will-
& vaccinate Auntie Summer still..

My Nana said “there’s no words to say”
that she never had a scarier day.

Auntie Summer.jpg

When your baby turns a purple blue, what is a mother to do?
Nana yelled to Papa “CALL 911!”..
She then held her baby close and commanded God’s will be done.

Nana knows Gods will is always to heal,
fear was with my Nana still.

Until The Big truck with Sirens reign,
and the nice lady made auntie Summer breath right again.

The doctors said, Auntie Summer had a seizure; that is when your body shakes and sometimes hurts your brain-
Nana knew that research was her new found friend!

Nana promised from that Day with Gods permission-
to never go against Mothers intuition..
she says that means “a Mommy knows best and to put EVERYTHING to the test.”Mom and Nana love

“You will find all the answers for all your days-
after prayer, but of course” that is what my Nana says.

I am so happy Nana knows best,
because of that my Mommy knows best.

Our family does not see doctors unless we must,
but in our Chiropractors we trust.chiro care.jpg

What’s best for me and our family?
Nana says “Fruits & Veggies!”

She loves My Papa, Mommy, Auntie Savana, Auntie Summer, and our cats.
Lots, and more and tons and bunches- even when we are brats.

silly family fun

My Nana studies Nutrition,
because she says our God is a God of Fruition!

We eat organic most of the time & its yummy
We eat like this cuz my Nana’s no dummy.
Aubrees vaccine.jpg


-And of course my mama fed me her milk -till I weaned myself..
I was a big girl -organic carrot juice stocked the shelf.

Nana does not feed me cows milk or eggs-
“because they have a mama too” -that is what my Nana says.

Nana does not feed me meat,
because I think her hearts to sweet.

My mommy sometimes feeds me eggs and meat,
and my Nana does not think that is sweet.

animal love.jpg

But no matter what -my Nana and Mommy are raising me right,
because they pray both day and night.

They will not let no harm come to me-
Because they truly LOVE me, their sweet Aubree.<3

sassy pants.jpg


Thank God for Nana’s that know BEST-
And LOVE our GOD with such ZEST! ❤